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Using Solar Power on the Move

Using solar power on the move is essential to people both in the UK and other countries. It means the difference for some between doing what they love and being in one place. Solar power on the move is a great option for those with different modes of getting from A to B. It is important to make your world work for you and having power that works for you can solve lots of issues.

Solar Power for Campervans

When we think about solar power on the move and the rise of campervans, it seems obvious. Campervans can benefit from solar power. A small folding solar panel allows users to minimise space yet get the benefit of free energy on the go. This can help to run small appliances and to charge phones and other electricals on the go. Also, you can charge power banks to have some energy later.

Solar Power for Caravans

Caravans are still a popular means of transport and solar power can offer some help. Any additional appliances and items needed while in the caravan can be charged using solar power. This is especially helpful if there is no electrical hookup available. Also, electrical hookups can be a large extra cost, especially if you are travelling for a long time. Solar can bring all you need on a bright summer’s evening.

Solar Power for Boats

So, solar power is really useful for those on boats and narrowboats. Many of these vessels turn over the engine to get power, which is often diesel. This can be an expensive and dirty way to get power for what you need to do. With solar power, it runs so long as the weather is bright. You can also change the direction of the solar panel itself to move with the sun and better benefit from what it offers for longer. It is a great type of renewable resource.

Solar Power for Camping

When you are camping, without running a generator there are few options for power. It is all very well to go with power banks but if you are camping for more than a couple of days there may not be enough power. You can keep your e-readers, tablets and laptops on charge with a solar panel. You can also run other small appliances to ensure your time while camping is completely enjoyable. It is just a small thing to help with your travels.

Solar power on the move is a brilliant way to use a solar panel. It is not the case that a solar panel is just an item that gets stuck on the roof of a house. They have so many more uses as well. If you are considering using a solar panel for times on the move EcoPowerDirect can help. Our folding solar panels reduce necessary storage space. This makes having a solar panel easier and more convenient. You can also move them into the direction of the sun as suits you. What a great idea to ensure that you have the power you require, even when you are out and about.

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Are Solar Panel Prices Worth the Investment

Solar panel prices are always going to be a concern for those considering getting them. Solar panel prices are stable and what they offer today is likely to be similar over the next ten years. Therefore, solar panels are a pretty sound investment. This is especially true as energy prices from the grid keep zig zagging around and going up and down. Individual consumers can do very little about saving money on grid energy other than reducing usage in the home. Yet with solar perhaps there are more long-term options that can improve your finances.

Think Beyond Today

With solar panel prices, you definitely have to think beyond today. When you choose solar panels, you are making a long-term investment for the future. Yes, the panels have initial cost, but you will reap the benefits of lower cost or free energy for many years to come. Solar panels are generally considered to have a long life span and so they will bring returns over time. With solar panels the benefit you get is down the line, but they are worth the investment. Individuals and households do have to decide whether this is something they can commit to though.

Choose What is Right for You

When you think about solar panels and solar panel investment, it is really important to think about what is right for you. Is this something you can fully get behind? You need to have that confidence that this is the right approach for you. What a great opportunity it can be for those who are able to go for it and bring solar panels into their life. Solar is such a great source of energy. It works when it is light, so it is not as if it only works a few months of the year. We understand that summers seem to be getting shorter. However, solar can do well even with the winter sun, so it is not exclusively for hot places.

Avoid the Con Artists

There are plenty of warning stories over the internet about the con artists of solar. They often offer a package of supplying and installing the solar panels, but the results can end up poor. Bad installation and poor-quality panels. We have seen ones placed on a north facing roof where the sun is minimal and ones that seem to be hanging off. Take control of your own solar journey by buying solar panels yourself. Do your research and choose the right ones for you. Then you can engage your own solar installer that comes with great reviews (or do it yourself if you know what you are doing!). This puts your solar experience firmly in your own hands.

EcoPowerDirect offers a range of solar panels to suit every kind of household. From a business to a five-bedroom house, and two up two down to a narrowboat. We offer a great choice of solar panel prices that are not through the roof. If you also want to store your energy, we have all the kit you need to get on track. A company you can trust to deliver what you need.

We always recommend you seek expert help before you buy our products to make sure that you choose the right items for your space.

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Can You Be Carbon Neutral at Home?

Being carbon neutral at home is something people have an increasing interest in. The majority of people are becoming more conscious of their own impact on the world. With this needs to come some investigation into the way you individually use the world’s resources. Every time you do nearly anything, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere as a result of those actions. These greenhouse gases all add together and result in climate change. There are so many ways you use carbon at home depending on your circumstances. Here are three ways to help become carbon neutral at home.

Look at Your Energy Usage

Energy is a huge factor in your carbon footprint. This is because in the UK we use a large amount of energy for heating. The majority of countries of the world are much warmer than the UK, but here this is an issue. You can have an effect on your energy use by swapping to renewables like solar and wind power. Of course, the sun and wind are not there all the time, so this is even better if you pair it with large scale ESS batteries. These store your energy until you are ready to use it. Furthermore, they can use mains power as well, so will save you money all year round. For more information about this visit EcoPowerDirect. Also older appliances both big and small tend to be power guzzlers. Be considerate that what you are buying is as efficient as possible.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It is an old adage but a great way to save carbon is to follow these three simple ideas. One is to reduce what you use. If you can avoid buying something by making do with something else, then carbon use is less. If you can reuse something perhaps by mending a ripped pair of trousers or buying a bed from your local marketplace then reusing something is valuable. Finally, if you can recycle what you have when you have finished with it, then carbon will be reduced. Everything that stops something new being made leads to a reduction in carbon. You can also apply this to everyday waste by taking measures such as avoiding single use plastic.

Change Your Commute

A simple thing to reduce carbon is to change the way you get where you are going. Walking, running and cycling are the lowest carbon ways of getting to places. As you might imagine, using cars, especially for a short journey produces a lot of carbon. Equally, using planes has a big impact on carbon. Covid made an impact on travel and has led to excellent ways of communicating online instead of flying. Equally if you need to go somewhere far away, can you take trains instead? Could you swap that car journey for a bus journey? As a consumer, you make a choice about generating carbon. Perhaps it is time to let your feet do the talking.

Just 100 companies emit around 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Yet every individual can still make a difference. It is time to aim to be carbon neutral at home. EcoPowerDirect can help you achieve that today.

Please seek professional advice before purchasing our products to ensure they are compatible with your system.

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Go Green and Swap to Solar Energy

The time has come to go green and make the swap to solar energy. It may feel like this would be a massive change, but it might be less of a change than you think. Solar energy is a great way to power your space whether big or small. Yes, there are some concerns that people sometimes have. Here are some of the ones we have heard about at EcoPowerDirect and how to overcome them.

The Biggest Change

The biggest change you would experience in your home is the set-up of the system. Some people choose to get a company in to do this. Others source their own panels at a lower cost and either do it themselves or get in a local tradesperson. This is a great way to manage the fitting of the panels and has a lot of benefits. It is also an inexpensive way of doing this, as national brands are more likely to cost more.

The Physical Look

If you choose to swap to solar energy, then the likelihood is that the panels would be visible outside of your home. Most people place the panels on their roof which does not seriously affect the roof and keeps them mainly out of sight. People tend to sensibly choose the sunniest part of their roof to place their panels on to get the best effect. For many people this would not even be the front of the home, so the physical look is not so much affected.

The Benefits of Solar

There are so many benefits of solar. The simplest benefit is that the sun’s rays provide free energy. This can be used in your home to power appliances, lights, in fact anything you want and you do not pay. In addition to this, that energy created is clean. There is no dirty or fossil fuel used at all with solar. This is completely different to energy from a typical mains source. The swap to solar energy is a green option to benefit the world.

Managing the Sunshine

So, one of the biggest issues people worry about with solar is that in the UK it is not sunny all the time. This is true and there is no denying it, but full sun is not required for solar panels. If light is on the panels, then energy is going in. This does not need to be maximum sun pounding the panels. On the darkest days which are grey with torrential rain, not much is going to feed in, but on other days that are in between it will have an impact.

Making the swap to solar energy may feel like a huge leap to some people. However, it can be easy to go green and become more eco conscious. One way to do this is through investing in solar panels. You can find a great range of solar panels at EcoPowerDirect. For all of your panels and accessories look no further, with everything you need all in one place.

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The EVE ESS Battery Sale is Here

If you have been waiting for an EVE ESS battery sale, the time has come. EcoPowerDirect have just added a limited number of batteries at a special offer price. Get this while you can. We love EVE batteries for their quality components. Trying out ESS batteries for the first time can be nerve wracking. After all, it is likely to be a significant shift from the way you have been powering your home or space until now. However, with these huge reductions, now is the time to get ESS batteries to work for you. The process is simple if you follow these instructions:

Identify What You Need

So not everyone needs the same number of batteries. This will depend on your current usage and the space you need to power. You should base it on the maximum amount of power you use across a year. Thinking about the most power you will ever need is important. Build into this appliance power use as well as heating. Looking at your old bills can help you work out what you need. Buying the right number of batteries will ensure things work properly from day one. You can also seek professional advice to work out how many batteries will be right for you. Our batteries can be connected in parallel, so you add more in the future if you need to.

Take the Leap

Now is the time to go for it. Buy the best batteries you can afford and avoid lead batteries as they cannot discharge as much power as lithium and are inefficient. At EcoPowerDirect, we have road tested the EVE batteries we sell and can say hand on heart that they are the best we have found. We are offering them now at a special price for a short period of time, to help out our loyal customers. With the cost of energy at this time despite slow reductions, the lack of stability in energy prices is an issue. ESS batteries can reduce this worry as you can use solar or wind power to fill the batteries. You can also take advantage of cheap off-peak energy such as overnight use.

Get Them Fitted

EcoPowerDirect always suggest getting professional advice before choosing batteries to ensure they match with your home system. This goes for the fitting as well. If you are not confident of what to do, then get some help. You do need to treat your batteries with care, just like any new household item. Plugging everything into the right place is important. Seek some support with this and then you will be good to go. Getting your batteries right from day one means everything is working properly. You also have a lot of control with the batteries, so understanding that will be a big help.

Buying from the EVE ESS battery sale gives you the same premium product with an even more affordable price tag. There has never been a better time to go for it and give these batteries a try. They are high quality, practical and great value – try them now.

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Are Lithium-ion Batteries Getting More Expensive?

Prices are rising, everywhere we look. When you buy something now, if you bought it over a month ago for food or perhaps a year ago for other things, you expect an increase. Are lithium-ion batteries getting more expensive is a question you might therefore ask. It is under monitor by BloombergNEF who track the price annually since 2010. And so, we know that the lithium-ion battery price has been pretty stable up to 2020. Yet just like everything else, more recently there has been an increase in the price. Here are a few things we have noted:

The Long View

There are plenty of companies making lithium-ion batteries doing their research and development. R&D is vital in companies to make constant refinements and improvements to their products and technology. This is what ensures things can be made better. It might be quicker, cheaper, more environmentally friendly, or made with different resources. This is essential to bring down the cost of lithium-ion batteries and similar technologies we might use in this way. Sometimes you need to take the long view. Yes, this will not benefit you today, but a big organisation can afford to think to the future. A year, 5, 10; it all depends on the specific company and their future goals. But R&D is the way developments happen.

Reducing Costs at Manufacturing

Despite the lithium-ion battery price rising lately, it could have gone even further. For example, recently, the formulation has been changing to reduce the amount of cobalt. This is a relatively expensive element, pushing up the price of the batteries. Additionally, manufacturers have been using a low-cost kind of cathode chemistry which has led to a cost reduction of around 20%. So, with these raw materials reducing, there has been a less sharp increase in cost. However, overall raw materials and manufacturing costs are rising so when asking are lithium-ion batteries getting more expensive, the answer is essentially yes. Yet at least some of the cost increase has been mitigated by new processes.

The Price We See Today

The price we see for lithium-ion batteries today is more than it was 5 years ago, but is that a surprise? Yes, technologies do come down in price sometimes over time – take any large household appliance. When they first appear they are very expensive, but as they become more mainstream, they reduce. This might have been the case with lithium-ion batteries too, but with everything rising in price, it was not possible. It simply mirrors what we see in the rest of our country and across the world too. Just about everything is increasing in price and lithium-ion batteries are not able to avoid that. Once prices stabilise, it may happen.

You are right to wonder are lithium-ion batteries becoming more expensive. It is true, but only in so far as everything seems to be at the moment. However, with companies like EVE who supply our batteries at EcoPowerDirect investing in research and development, batteries are getting better. That may mean that in the future they can be cheaper too.

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Solar Panels for Narrowboats – Or Any Boat in Fact!

Solar panels for narrowboats are becoming ever more popular. If you have a narrowboat, then this is the perfect time of year to be enjoying it. The summer has additional hours of light and long evenings to while away. The difficulty however is getting energy on your narrowboat. Solar panels for narrowboats are a great idea to get cheap and efficient energy. After all, the solar panels can generate energy all the time that it is light outside, to varying degrees. There are some considerations however that it is worth being aware of.


So, there are different kinds of solar panels for narrowboats that are available on the market. Large panels that are put to use for houses are in use by some boat owners. Yet there is an issue in that due to their proximity to the ground, they can be damaged, vandalised or stolen. This is not a regular occurrence but it can happen, so we recommend a folding panel. We offer these from 40w to 150w and they are not only convenient but also easy to store. If you have concerns about your solar panels, then you can take action to keep them safe. As you can move them, they are also a great choice for finding an optimum position. These panels are additionally inexpensive making them more accessible to all.

Ease of Use and Extra Power

Some panels are complex in their use, but the solar panels for narrowboats we recommend are additionally easy to use. With full instructions, they are made for this sort of use, so it is generally easy to set-up with your system. Having the option of solar is so positive and clean for the environment. There are additionally mini wind turbines for narrowboats and domestic use. These are so useful for thinking about adding more power to your set-up. It is a great option for giving a little more. Whatever you do have will be a boost to your space. These options are much better than running the engine, either way.

Add-Ons are Available

The biggest disadvantage of solar panels is that they do not work once the sun goes down. This is unfortunate as when night comes, that is the time we need lights and perhaps to make hot food or to run warm water. Now, this can come instead from running the engine. An inverter converts the power to allow you to run things inside. However, it is a lot easier and cheaper to store your excess solar energy in ESS batteries. We recommend EVE brand batteries to do this. This also avoids noise issues from running the engine as in this article from the Canal and River Trust. You can store your energy from your solar panel and then use it anytime you like.

Solar panels for narrowboats are a great piece of kit to choose. Why not take a look at our range to see what the options are for you. A fantastic choice for your boat- whatever type it is.

Do seek professional advice before you buy any of our products to ensure they are the right items for you.

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Investing in Renewable Energy at Home

If you are thinking about renewable energy at home, then this quick guide can give you all the information you need for getting started with it. It is no longer exclusive just to specific homeowners. Many people can make use of renewable energy at home but do not realise it yet – are you one of them?

Super Solar

The most obvious one to mention is solar. You were once able to fit a solar panel and sell energy back to the National Grid at a premium price. This is generally no longer the case – it sells now at a low price. However, it is still great for giving you some free energy at home. There is an initial cost for a solar panel, but once you have that, it begins to pay for itself immediately. Yet it only works when it is light, and you get less energy on dull days. Bear this in mind when planning things like putting on the washing machine or any energy-guzzling tools.

A Bit of Wind

Most people in the UK live in a breezy spot. Therefore, this becomes a good way to harness some free energy. If you have ever seen big wind turbines, imagine this but on a smaller scale. You can get your own small wind turbine spinning around and generating power for you. Again, this only works when the wind blows, so on still days, it will not work well. However, it is great to have it and get some free energy for your home. The power of the wind can be a great source of energy for you.

The Final Puzzle Piece

Renewable energy at home is all very well, but as you can see, it is not available all the time. When the wind and sun die down for the day, that is it. However, there is now another way which is going to revolutionise the way we use energy. What if it was possible to store excess energy for you to use when you want? Perhaps when it is dark or on a fine day without a breeze? Well now you can do this in an easy and convenient way without complex set-up.

ESS Battery Storage Solution

When you think renewable energy, you see its limitations, but with ESS battery storage these are eliminated. You can use these batteries to store additional energy when your renewable energy is strong. Then use this power whenever you want. You also do not need to worry if you do not have enough solar or wind energy to fill the batteries, or it has been a bad time with the weather. If this happens, you can use the National Grid or a generator to top them up.

Make the most of your renewable energy by adding ESS batteries to it. Our version are EVE brand batteries, and they are the best we can find. A wonderful option for your home with the ultimate in flexibility. Set-up your renewable energy at home today and find a great new energy solution now.

Please seek professional advice before buying our batteries and ensure they are right for the set-up you have.

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How to Prepare for Living Off-Grid

If you are thinking of living off-grid whether for a set amount of time, or for a long time, there are lots of things to consider. There are plenty of places in the UK that you can live off-grid. However off-grid tends to mean remote, so there may be more considerations in this than you think. In fact they are probably things you just never thought about in previous city or urban homes. Think them through now to make living off-grid the great experience it should be.

Find the right location for you

Location is important. This is not just in terms of where in the world your space will be, it is more than that. Wherever you choose, there will be options for you. Do you need to build somewhere to live or is that already on the land? What kind of structure will provide you with a long-term place to live? Can you devote the time and resources to this? Deciding these aspects before choosing a final area is really important.

Investigate your options for water

Water is a life necessity and not just as a requirement for drinking and staying alive. It is what you need to clean yourself and your space, for cooking and keeping things sanitary, such as washing dishes. It is possible that there is well water on your land that a pump can bring into the space. However, is this also suitable for drinking? Make sure that you investigate your options for water. Reliable water can make all the difference when choosing somewhere.

Make plans for your energy options

Without energy of some kind, you will not be able to do much off-grid. Most sites advocate a solar panel and leave it at that, but what about when the sun goes down? ESS batteries are a great way of having 24-hour energy off-grid without a reliance on mainstream energy. You can hook them up to a solar panel or mini wind turbine to charge the power and use it whenever you want. When the elements are not being kind, you can also attach it to a generator to give you a boost such as in winter.

Get your waste right

Another thing no one thinks about in urban areas is where the waste goes. You do not want to contaminate your land or suffer from unpleasant smells. One typical solution is to get a septic tank put in. This can eliminate the worry of toilet waste although you can get composting or incinerating toilets that look like regular ones. You can also get integral wastewater treatment solutions, which are worth looking at. Sorting out your waste is an important element of living off-grid.

Preparing for off-grid living is an exciting time, but one that you want to get right. Make sure that you have thought through the different elements of this before you begin. The ones we have above are the true fundamentals of ensuring you are ready to make that leap. You can fulfil your energy needs especially at Eco Power Direct. With battery packages available now, you can get your power sorted easily and quickly.

Please get a professional to check your system before you purchase our batteries to make sure they will work for you.

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The Battery Packages You Need This Summer

Battery packages are the perfect way to get what you need with ESS batteries. You cannot simply buy one battery and hook it up. You do need additional items to get the system fully in place. That is where our battery packages come in. Here are five top reasons why our battery packages are the ultimate choice for your space:

They Save You Money

Buy buying multiple batteries in one package, you can benefit your pocket immediately. We have special deals on our packages both with multiple batteries and inverters. Rather than buying one and then adding to it later, when you buy two or more batteries, we reduce the cost for you. Also, we add free shipping to that, so there are absolutely no hidden costs. This is a special limited offer.

You Probably Need More Than One

The size of your space and the items you run from the power supply determine how many batteries you need. Although it is possible to start with one and see how you go, it is better to work this out in advance. Moving fully to ESS battery power from day one is preferable to messing around adding extra batteries. Also, buying the number you need straight away saves money and hassle with a package.

You Can Buy with the Inverter

Converting power such as solar needs an inverter, and we also sell this very clever piece of kit. You can choose a battery package on its own or one with the inverter included. Buy buying altogether, you can save even more money than buying individually. Also, it means that you have everything you need for your ESS battery set-up from day one.

Our Batteries Work in Parallel

Unlike some large-scale batteries, our EVE ESS batteries work in parallel together. In fact, you can actually attach up to 15 batteries together in parallel. That is a serious amount of power! It also means that if your space or needs grow over time then you can just add more. This is a flexible product choice that works with changing life.

Work On or Off Grid

Whether you are on or off grid, these batteries work brilliantly. With the battery packages we offer, the intention is to give you what you need without requiring lots of additional kit. You will need some extras like mains connection accessories for on grid and solar panels or mini wind turbines for off grid. However, we sell most of these in our online shop to help you get the set-up you need.

Add to this that EVE ESS batteries have longevity and are expected to run daily for ten years. Then you know that your investment is working in the right direction for you. Yes, ESS batteries are an investment into your space, but after the initial outlay they start saving you money straight away.

Our special package deals are only on for a short time, so now is the time to buy. Limited supplies available so browse today.

We recommend getting professional advice on your own set-up before purchasing our battery packages.

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The Battery Revolution and Changes in Battery Use

The battery revolution is changing the way we see battery use in the UK and it may be surprising, what it has to offer. A little history – when Benjamin Franklin linked together capacitors in 1749, he coined the term battery. In fact, the Baghdad Battery of 250BCE may have been an earlier example. Yet it was Alessandro Volta who was the creator of the first wet cell battery. Batteries as we know them grew from there, with many innovations in the 19th century. You might think that since then, there have not as many innovations and that batteries are now stagnant. Well think again, batteries have come further than you might imagine.

The Rise of Lithium Ion

Lithium ion batteries are born out of a number of discoveries since the 1980s. The idea of having a small but powerful battery that is rechargeable shows such innovation. At one time, it would have been inconceivable. Yet now there are so many items that need this type of battery. From mobile phones to cameras and shavers to tablets, the applications are endless. Imagine the total of what you can achieve thanks to this invention. Yet it does not end there. Some battery manufacturers are still working on improving these batteries. One way to do this, is to make them more powerful yet smaller. As well as making your phone smaller but able to do more and last longer, this allows for large scale batteries but be able to house them in smaller cases. Effective large scale batteries are making a battery revolution and an impact in homes and businesses.

A Battery Revolution at Home

Powering small electronic items is one thing. Yet, what about powering your whole home with batteries? Does that sound a little like science fiction? Well at one time maybe, but now it is a firm reality. No doubt you have seen a horror movie in a cabin, where a generator runs out of diesel, the lights go out and everything goes wrong. Well running large scale or ESS batteries is not quite like this. You get set-up in your home and then you have choices to make about the way you charge the batteries. Some people living remotely will use a diesel generator to fill their batteries but it is not the norm. Like a phone battery, you can use the power over time.

Large Scale Battery Take-Over

As people start using ESS batteries in a more domestic setting, knowledge will spread. This is part of the battery revolution. With ESS batteries you can charge them in different ways. You can use free solar or wind power. Some people use the national grid but save money by charging at unpopular times. You can use a generator or use a range of these options as suits you. That is the great thing about these batteries; they offer fantastic flexibility.

The battery revolution shows there is a big change in how batteries are put to use. There are many ways in which this change has come about, but it is here and it is now. One way to use new batteries is to try ESS large scale batteries in your home. Browse the Eco Power Direct site to find out how they could work for you.

Always seek professional advice before buying are batteries to ensure they are compatible with you set-up.

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