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The Battery Packages You Need This Summer

Battery packages are the perfect way to get what you need with ESS batteries. You cannot simply buy one battery and hook it up. You do need additional items to get the system fully in place. That is where our battery packages come in. Here are five top reasons why our battery packages are the ultimate choice for your space:

They Save You Money

Buy buying multiple batteries in one package, you can benefit your pocket immediately. We have special deals on our packages both with multiple batteries and inverters. Rather than buying one and then adding to it later, when you buy two or more batteries, we reduce the cost for you. Also, we add free shipping to that, so there are absolutely no hidden costs. This is a special limited offer.

You Probably Need More Than One

The size of your space and the items you run from the power supply determine how many batteries you need. Although it is possible to start with one and see how you go, it is better to work this out in advance. Moving fully to ESS battery power from day one is preferable to messing around adding extra batteries. Also, buying the number you need straight away saves money and hassle with a package.

You Can Buy with the Inverter

Converting power such as solar needs an inverter, and we also sell this very clever piece of kit. You can choose a battery package on its own or one with the inverter included. Buy buying altogether, you can save even more money than buying individually. Also, it means that you have everything you need for your ESS battery set-up from day one.

Our Batteries Work in Parallel

Unlike some large-scale batteries, our EVE ESS batteries work in parallel together. In fact, you can actually attach up to 15 batteries together in parallel. That is a serious amount of power! It also means that if your space or needs grow over time then you can just add more. This is a flexible product choice that works with changing life.

Work On or Off Grid

Whether you are on or off grid, these batteries work brilliantly. With the battery packages we offer, the intention is to give you what you need without requiring lots of additional kit. You will need some extras like mains connection accessories for on grid and solar panels or mini wind turbines for off grid. However, we sell most of these in our online shop to help you get the set-up you need.

Add to this that EVE ESS batteries have longevity and are expected to run daily for ten years. Then you know that your investment is working in the right direction for you. Yes, ESS batteries are an investment into your space, but after the initial outlay they start saving you money straight away.

Our special package deals are only on for a short time, so now is the time to buy. Limited supplies available so browse today.

We recommend getting professional advice on your own set-up before purchasing our battery packages.