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Energy storage opportunities you’ve never thought of

There are probably more energy storage opportunities than you are aware of. Energy storage is a great way to reduce energy bills and become more self-reliant. This is great for those going off-grid or setting up an outdoor rural business relying on energy. However, it is just as good for those who live in the middle of a housing estate in a city. Working out the best energy storage opportunities for you personally before you invest in a system is vital. Here are some of the opportunities you may not be aware of.

Wind Power

If there is one thing that the UK is known for, it’s the wind. With over 7,000 miles of coastlines, the wind comes over the sea and often catches us out. There are an increasing number of wind turbines in the UK now, gathering energy to feed the National Grid. This is reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and can do the same for you. Yes, a wind turbine is a bit extreme to put in your yard. But a mini version like the Eco Power Direct 200W option could go there. Connect this to an inverter and a rechargeable 12V battery to store your wind power as energy. You can then use this energy later whenever you like.

Solar Power

The power of the sun may be a little more obvious. However, although many people are aware of solar panels, they have never thought about them for their own home. Solar panels can actually save a lot of money on energy bills. After all, the average roof can take quite a few panels and therefore can create quite a lot of energy. Yet most people who have solar do not have the ability to store it. By using the inverter and storage battery system, this can make a huge impact. This is a particularly good system for those that use a lot of energy. This includes those with large families and electric cars. It also does not have to be sunny for energy storage opportunities around solar power. This is another rather outdated thought!

Load Shifting Grid Energy

You might think energy prices are all the same. Yet if you think that, it might be time to look again. There can be some great deals to be had in using energy off-peak. When you have an ESS battery storage system and connect it to the grid, it is still so worthwhile. That is, when you have cheap off-peak energy, such as overnight, and load shift it. Load shifting means getting energy when it is cheap and using it when you want, when it would be expensive. By storing this energy and load shifting it, it can save a huge amount of money.

The opportunities in energy storage are huge right now. Increase your own control over your energy use and energy prices. This is a great way to get your system working well for you, whatever kind of set-up you have.

Always seek professional advice before investing in Eco Power Direct storage battery equipment. No amount of research replaces professional knowledge of your system.

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Why ESS Battery and Inverter Energy Storage Packs?

ESS battery and inverter energy storage packs could revolutionise your home. These packs allow you to think about energy in a completely different way. Energy prices are soaring sky-high and show no signs of reducing. You can mitigate against this by considering energy storage to power your space. Here are the top 5 reasons to think about one of Eco Power Direct’s packs.

Harness Solar Power

This set-up gives you the option to add in solar power to use as energy. The great thing about solar power as we all know, is that it is free. Your location and number of panels will depend on what energy you can get out to use. However, this is an excellent way to become more self-reliant on energy. By combining it with the EVE ESS storage batteries too, you do not have to use the energy immediately, but instead when it suits you.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

These kits can allow you to reduce your energy bills significantly. The inverter can link to solar, but also to mains power. You can use load shifting to store your electricity for the next day. Some tariffs are cheaper overnight as energy is needed far less. Capture the cheapest energy available to you. This is a way that you can reduce your energy bills with our packs and keep control of your usage.

Build on the Basics

Our packs give you the basics you need for power storage. You can then build on this in your own way. If you would like more batteries, you can add more in parallel to work together. If you want to add a second inverter, then you can do that. This is particularly good for off-grid living where you might add more buildings over time. Also, for businesses that are rural, this could be a great set-up.

A Choice of Packs

We have multiple size packs available for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a single or multiple EVE ESS batteries, you have the choice. You can make a decision taking only your own needs into consideration. If you want to add more batteries or inverters later then then system set-up allows you to do this (up to a maximum) without issue. Start small and increase over time or go all-in to begin with. The choice is yours.

Make a Saving

Eco Power Direct’s ESS battery and inverter energy storage packs are the ultimate choice. After all, by buying our products together, you also make a saving. They are cheaper than the cost of the individual items if you buy them separately. This cost saving helps you to invest in a set-up such as this.

Get an ESS battery and inverter energy storage pack from Eco Power Direct today. They offer a cost reduction on our individual products for a limited time. This is a great option to get started with ESS batteries and energy storage. Make this part of your home and reduce your reliance on traditional peak time energy.

Always seek professional advice before you purchase one of our packs. Make sure it is the right system for you before you start.

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What is an Inverter and Why Do You Need One?

If you are looking at an inverter then you probably know a little about its functions already. What is an inverter good for you might want to know. Well, an inverter is such a clever piece of kit. Although they are not cheap, they do a really important function. This can make a big difference to your set-up. Here are some of the benefits of an inverter:

Converts Your Energy

An inverter converts your energy, so whether you have solar, battery or mains energy it makes this usable anywhere. This is really important for off-grid or mobile uses such as on a narrowboat or in a caravan. It takes the energy you have got and makes it useable for you. Our Iconica Inverter operates at 98% efficiency with solar, ensuring you are getting the most out of your supply.

The Perfect Back-Up

An inverter gives you back-up in case you lose power in any of your systems. Imagine being in the middle of an important Teams call or halfway through a washing cycle. Be aware that most inverters have a 15-20 ms speed of transfer, so the transition is not immediate. At Eco Power Direct we are really proud that our Iconica Inverter operates with a zero UPS transfer time. This means no awkward silences or resetting programmes again. It just does exactly what you want it to do.

Useful Anywhere

Whether you have a site in the outer Hebrides, or you have a caravan, an inverter is a useful tool. It can offer so much flexibility and reliability, especially when mains power is not an option. Freedom and flexibility can become restrictive when energy is not easily available. You might use solar, a generator, or a bit of both. An inverter can make this a pain-free and more simple option for easy living. Make your set-up as easy to operate as you wish.

Link to ESS Batteries

If you have concerns about energy prices, you may well be considering ESS storage batteries. You charge these with free or low-cost energy and use that energy anytime you like. They have the advantage of being able to store solar energy. Therefore, it does not need to be light to harness the energy of the sun. You can link an inverter to ESS batteries like our EVE version and store your solar to use when you like.

Eco Power Direct’s Iconica Inverter is a superior choice. This particular option has been tried and tested by our team and we are proud to say, it is an advanced choice without a hefty price tag. It has intelligent features that range from Wi-Fi connectivity to output source priority. After all, this is a hybrid inverter that gives you multiple options for operation. You can use it in parallel with other identical units to expand its potential if you have something bigger in mind. You can use its software to view important system information and keep a check on its operations. There is even a generator auto-start function and an auto-restart function. Meet all of your needs with this great piece of kit.

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Iconica Inverter Now in Stock

Big news from Eco Power Direct! Our new Iconica inverter is now in stock and available to buy. This is exciting news for anyone with an interest in our EVE ESS battery products. It may be especially relevant for those who are off grid. This is why we think it is such a great product for our customers:

Giving You Options

So, our Iconica inverter is more than just a 5000w pure sine wave inverter. In fact, it combines this with an 80A MPPT solar charge controller and also a 60A smart battery charger. This might sound a little confusing, but basically it means that you can input directly into your home with solar. Yet, we all know the issues of solar and British weather, so it also allows you to use mains input if you wish. You can then add battery power to this from one such as our EVE ESS battery. This really does allow you to do everything and gives you the best of both worlds if you are off grid.

Charge Your Way

If you have ESS batteries, the Iconica inverter offers you flexibility for charging, too. Firstly, you can charge your batteries using solar easily with this integrated unit. Equally you can charge with mains power instead if you prefer. The great thing about this though, is that you can choose to do a combination of both if that is what you want. There are a range of options with this inverter to work your way and to get it to suit you. Whatever your needs it will fulfil them perfectly.

Take Zero Transfer Time

Another great benefit of our Iconica inverter is that it gives you zero seconds of transfer time. This is really important when your supply is disrupted. If you are watching TV and washing clothes using solar power, that is fine until it drops out. Then your TV and washing machine turn off, leaving you with the annoying repercussions. With this inverter, it seamlessly switches over to mains power, so your wash can carry on washing. It also allows IT equipment to continue functioning when there is a power outage to avoid potential failures.

Fine Tune Settings

With a product such as this, it benefits from being highly customisable. There are a wide range of settings available to tune it your way. You can specify high and low voltage disconnection points. There are power saving modes, auto-restart, overload options and a maximum charging current setting. All in all there are plenty of ways to tune this inverter perfectly to your needs.

Our new Iconica inverter is a great new product from our shelves to yours. From in-built wi-fi connectivity to a rack-compatible design, this will enhance your home system. Use in parallel with our EVE ESS batteries and they make a great combination to solve your energy needs your way. This is a product to make the system you are using offer more possibilities. It will make your system work just the way you want it to.

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Solar Charging ESS Batteries: The Benefits

Solar charging ESS batteries is a choice. There are multiple ways of charging your batteries from grid to wind power and generator, depending on your individual circumstances. However, there are definitely some benefits to choosing solar. Here are the top 5 benefits we have found:

Free energy

Once you have the kit in place, solar energy is free energy. Everyone knows the sun shines for free and ESS batteries give you the chance to harness it your self. This can dramatically reduce energy bills in one fell swoop. If you have concerns about how rising energy costs, then this approach can be the way to do it.

Clean energy

People love solar because it is such a clean source of energy. Other than making the components like the solar panels themselves, there is nothing additional. Therefore, there is no dirty gas or oil to contend with. There are also no undesirable residues or pollutants. It is just taking in energy from the sun. This is a very eco-friendly way of working and is a positive lifestyle choice.

Storing energy

The great thing with ESS batteries is that they store energy so that you can use it anytime you want. Usually with solar energy it needs using straight away and that means at night it is not so useful. When you solar charge ESS batteries, it is saving the energy away for you to use whenever you like. This makes solar a lot more favourable for everyone.

Not just sunny energy

There is a misconception that you can only get solar energy when it is full sun in mid-summer. While this is obviously a very rich time to gain energy, if it is light, then there is potentially solar energy. Now there is much more energy when it is sunny, but so long as it is light and not very overcast, there will be some energy.

Easy set-up energy

Once you set-up the system to solar charge ESS batteries then there is really nothing more to do. With lead batteries you would need to vent them regularly, but with our EVE ESS batteries, they are lithium-ion, so there is nothing more to do. It is simply a case of setting it up and then letting it work for you.

These are our top 5 benefits and they do show how great solar is to use. Yet it is important to remember the limitations of exclusively solar charging ESS batteries. While you can get some solar most days, in the winter months it is unlikely to be enough to fill your batteries in the UK. However, you can use these hybrid and fuel them up from dual charging sources. This is a simple fix to get the best out of your solar and have the best of both worlds for your home.

Solar is a great system to invest in and needs very little maintenance. Make an eco-friendly decision to combine solar and ESS batteries with Eco Power Direct for the ultimate pairing.

Always seek professional advice before buying our batteries. No amount of personal research will replace an expert understanding of set-up to ensure it is right for your home.

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Can Energy Storage Help the World Energy Crisis?

From India to the UK, France to China there are energy issues across the world. Many countries are still reliant on dirty energy. From coal mines to crude oil, dirty energy is in regular use across the world. Many countries are investing in renewables, but this is not coming quickly enough. ESS batteries or energy storage batteries could be the perfect solution to these energy issues.

So, what is the Problem?

The biggest problem with solar panels and home wind turbines is that they do not always work. A day can be cloudy, a day can be still. On days like this if you are purely on renewables, you may not have any power, or only a small amount. Your freezer could literally defrost multiple times over a month due to this. If you are on the National Grid for your energy, sometimes coal fired power stations or gas are needed. Perhaps there is a World Cup match with England playing. Perhaps there is a cold snap, and everyone is staying home and cooking their dinner at the same time. At these times extra energy is in need to make sure the lights stay on. However, this is not eco-friendly.

What is a Potential Solution?

With energy storage batteries, as it says on the tin, they actually store energy. Like any battery, you can then use the energy at another time, in fact, whenever you like. With ESS batteries, you have enough batteries to power your home for 24 hours. You then use power such as solar or wind or even just grid, to fill these batteries. If you use renewables or mainly renewables, then this can end up very cost-effective for you once you have paid for the kit. Even if you just use the grid, you can charge overnight when energy is cheaper. Also this is far more likely to be cleaner or renewable energy as it is not in high demand at that time of day. Then you are free to use the power as and when suits you.

Top It Up Your Way

The other great thing about ESS batteries is that you choose the way in which you top them up. You might want solar or wind or one of those, and then to top up with grid. It is all your choice. Topping up your storage batteries is unique to you. It also might be different in different seasons and that is also OK. These batteries have the capacity to work in the way that you want them to. The great thing is that your power is centred around you. There is no risk of short blackouts with these; there is always energy for you if you get your set-up working right.

Energy reliability is part of a bigger world energy crisis happening at the moment. While energy supply can feel unstable, you have the power to change this. Lower your bills and increase the reliability of your energy supply with energy storage batteries like our EVE ESS batteries at Eco Power Direct. Power, right there for you, exactly when you need it.

Always seek professional advice when buying our batteries. Nothing replaces expert support when setting up a new energy storage system.

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