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Can Energy Storage Help the World Energy Crisis?

From India to the UK, France to China there are energy issues across the world. Many countries are still reliant on dirty energy. From coal mines to crude oil, dirty energy is in regular use across the world. Many countries are investing in renewables, but this is not coming quickly enough. ESS batteries or energy storage batteries could be the perfect solution to these energy issues.

So, what is the Problem?

The biggest problem with solar panels and home wind turbines is that they do not always work. A day can be cloudy, a day can be still. On days like this if you are purely on renewables, you may not have any power, or only a small amount. Your freezer could literally defrost multiple times over a month due to this. If you are on the National Grid for your energy, sometimes coal fired power stations or gas are needed. Perhaps there is a World Cup match with England playing. Perhaps there is a cold snap, and everyone is staying home and cooking their dinner at the same time. At these times extra energy is in need to make sure the lights stay on. However, this is not eco-friendly.

What is a Potential Solution?

With energy storage batteries, as it says on the tin, they actually store energy. Like any battery, you can then use the energy at another time, in fact, whenever you like. With ESS batteries, you have enough batteries to power your home for 24 hours. You then use power such as solar or wind or even just grid, to fill these batteries. If you use renewables or mainly renewables, then this can end up very cost-effective for you once you have paid for the kit. Even if you just use the grid, you can charge overnight when energy is cheaper. Also this is far more likely to be cleaner or renewable energy as it is not in high demand at that time of day. Then you are free to use the power as and when suits you.

Top It Up Your Way

The other great thing about ESS batteries is that you choose the way in which you top them up. You might want solar or wind or one of those, and then to top up with grid. It is all your choice. Topping up your storage batteries is unique to you. It also might be different in different seasons and that is also OK. These batteries have the capacity to work in the way that you want them to. The great thing is that your power is centred around you. There is no risk of short blackouts with these; there is always energy for you if you get your set-up working right.

Energy reliability is part of a bigger world energy crisis happening at the moment. While energy supply can feel unstable, you have the power to change this. Lower your bills and increase the reliability of your energy supply with energy storage batteries like our EVE ESS batteries at Eco Power Direct. Power, right there for you, exactly when you need it.

Always seek professional advice when buying our batteries. Nothing replaces expert support when setting up a new energy storage system.