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The Battery Packages You Need This Summer

Battery packages are the perfect way to get what you need with ESS batteries. You cannot simply buy one battery and hook it up. You do need additional items to get the system fully in place. That is where our battery packages come in. Here are five top reasons why our battery packages are the ultimate choice for your space:

They Save You Money

Buy buying multiple batteries in one package, you can benefit your pocket immediately. We have special deals on our packages both with multiple batteries and inverters. Rather than buying one and then adding to it later, when you buy two or more batteries, we reduce the cost for you. Also, we add free shipping to that, so there are absolutely no hidden costs. This is a special limited offer.

You Probably Need More Than One

The size of your space and the items you run from the power supply determine how many batteries you need. Although it is possible to start with one and see how you go, it is better to work this out in advance. Moving fully to ESS battery power from day one is preferable to messing around adding extra batteries. Also, buying the number you need straight away saves money and hassle with a package.

You Can Buy with the Inverter

Converting power such as solar needs an inverter, and we also sell this very clever piece of kit. You can choose a battery package on its own or one with the inverter included. Buy buying altogether, you can save even more money than buying individually. Also, it means that you have everything you need for your ESS battery set-up from day one.

Our Batteries Work in Parallel

Unlike some large-scale batteries, our EVE ESS batteries work in parallel together. In fact, you can actually attach up to 15 batteries together in parallel. That is a serious amount of power! It also means that if your space or needs grow over time then you can just add more. This is a flexible product choice that works with changing life.

Work On or Off Grid

Whether you are on or off grid, these batteries work brilliantly. With the battery packages we offer, the intention is to give you what you need without requiring lots of additional kit. You will need some extras like mains connection accessories for on grid and solar panels or mini wind turbines for off grid. However, we sell most of these in our online shop to help you get the set-up you need.

Add to this that EVE ESS batteries have longevity and are expected to run daily for ten years. Then you know that your investment is working in the right direction for you. Yes, ESS batteries are an investment into your space, but after the initial outlay they start saving you money straight away.

Our special package deals are only on for a short time, so now is the time to buy. Limited supplies available so browse today.

We recommend getting professional advice on your own set-up before purchasing our battery packages.

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The Battery Revolution and Changes in Battery Use

The battery revolution is changing the way we see battery use in the UK and it may be surprising, what it has to offer. A little history – when Benjamin Franklin linked together capacitors in 1749, he coined the term battery. In fact, the Baghdad Battery of 250BCE may have been an earlier example. Yet it was Alessandro Volta who was the creator of the first wet cell battery. Batteries as we know them grew from there, with many innovations in the 19th century. You might think that since then, there have not as many innovations and that batteries are now stagnant. Well think again, batteries have come further than you might imagine.

The Rise of Lithium Ion

Lithium ion batteries are born out of a number of discoveries since the 1980s. The idea of having a small but powerful battery that is rechargeable shows such innovation. At one time, it would have been inconceivable. Yet now there are so many items that need this type of battery. From mobile phones to cameras and shavers to tablets, the applications are endless. Imagine the total of what you can achieve thanks to this invention. Yet it does not end there. Some battery manufacturers are still working on improving these batteries. One way to do this, is to make them more powerful yet smaller. As well as making your phone smaller but able to do more and last longer, this allows for large scale batteries but be able to house them in smaller cases. Effective large scale batteries are making a battery revolution and an impact in homes and businesses.

A Battery Revolution at Home

Powering small electronic items is one thing. Yet, what about powering your whole home with batteries? Does that sound a little like science fiction? Well at one time maybe, but now it is a firm reality. No doubt you have seen a horror movie in a cabin, where a generator runs out of diesel, the lights go out and everything goes wrong. Well running large scale or ESS batteries is not quite like this. You get set-up in your home and then you have choices to make about the way you charge the batteries. Some people living remotely will use a diesel generator to fill their batteries but it is not the norm. Like a phone battery, you can use the power over time.

Large Scale Battery Take-Over

As people start using ESS batteries in a more domestic setting, knowledge will spread. This is part of the battery revolution. With ESS batteries you can charge them in different ways. You can use free solar or wind power. Some people use the national grid but save money by charging at unpopular times. You can use a generator or use a range of these options as suits you. That is the great thing about these batteries; they offer fantastic flexibility.

The battery revolution shows there is a big change in how batteries are put to use. There are many ways in which this change has come about, but it is here and it is now. One way to use new batteries is to try ESS large scale batteries in your home. Browse the Eco Power Direct site to find out how they could work for you.

Always seek professional advice before buying are batteries to ensure they are compatible with you set-up.

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The Clean Energy Revolution is Coming

The Clean Energy Revolution is coming. The story began in the US with a pocket of people campaigning for the removal of fossil fuels from the general supply. It then spread to the rest of the world and the idea is building more and more. Cleaning up the energy supply has great benefits for health and longevity of fuel. The reason is that what replaces fossil fuels is mainly renewable energy. The use of renewables in the UK up until now has always been problematic. Solar panels are the main way in which households or individual consumers use renewables themselves. This only works as long as the sun shines. After all, renewable energy is generally not stored for use later. Well, things are changing and adopting other methods is becoming possible.

Slippery Solar

Solar energy is a little slippery. It is great when the sun is shining or the light is strong, even if it is a cloudy day. But you have always had to use it there and then. Combining it with a different technology now makes it possible to harness that power and keep hold of it. This means it can shine on during the day, but once it is dark there is still usable energy. With an ESS battery set-up, this is easy. Its design is made specifically to store energy. This can be from a range of sources, but in the case of solar, so long as it is bright, the energy is there. This makes a fantastic pairing to power your space.

Another Clean Option

Solar is not the only way you can use energy through an ESS battery set-up. Having a personal wind turbine is now an option for clean energy. You can place this on the side of a building to pick up the breeze and this in turn feeds your ESS batteries for use now or later. The great thing about wind turbines and solar panels is that you can also use them on the go. If you have a narrowboat, yacht or caravan these are both great options for clean energy. A mini wind turbine is a low-cost and easy way to harness home energy quickly. A clever option for generating your own energy.

The Grid is Good

Of course, at the start of the Clean Energy Revolution, grid energy was the focus. Getting grid energy to eliminate fossil fuels is bringing change. However, we are not there yet in the UK. At busy times such as office hours, dinnertime and Saturday night TV binges there can still be a reliance on fossil fuels. Yet with ESS batteries, you can fill them with grid energy at any time. This works well if you choose to fill them overnight when energy is in low use. There therefore tends to be more clean energy at this time rather than dirty fossil fuel energy.

Every little helps with the Clean Energy Revolution. ESS batteries can make a big difference to the way you approach your energy. However, you can do this without changing the way you use energy. You can continue to use it whatever way you want and whenever you want. It truly is a revolution.

Always get professional advice before buying our ESS batteries.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with ESS Batteries

A carbon footprint is big news at the moment. This is perhaps something we think about the most with food. How much carbon comes from growing one banana, a carton of almond milk or a fillet steak? Yes, your carbon footprint is everything that you as a human do. From the way you get to work, to whether you buy at a farmer’s market or a supermarket to where you go on holiday. It is all generating carbon which for a species that breathes oxygen, is probably not the best. So how can we make changes with ESS batteries to improve our carbon footprint and help the planet?

EVE brand

The EVE brand are happy to share that they consider carbon use in their factories. Additionally, the components they use are high quality and long lasting, which ensures the EVE ESS battery can be in use for a long time. Replacing broken items causes waste and even more carbon production in making a new battery to use. The EVE batteries we recommend are great quality. Therefore, the carbon footprint of this product spread over its lifecycle is favourable. Choosing the EVE brand at the cutting edge of battery technology can make such a difference.

Reliance on Fossil Fuels

With ESS batteries, you charge the batteries, which you can do in different carbon efficient ways. You can use your own solar panel or personal wind turbine to power this. These are great for your carbon footprint as there is no carbon in use. Being reliant on power you generate yourself reduces carbon use massively. After all, one of the biggest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to turn down your thermostat. This in turn reduces power use. You can also use grid energy, but this is best when it is off-peak. At times when energy can be cheaper, such as overnight where there is less demand, there can be less reliance on fossil fuels than when energy is in big demand like in the early evening.

Recyclable Now

Another great thing about the EVE brand ESS batteries is that although big, they are like a regular battery. When they come to the end of their life, they can be recycled. That thought is for a long time in the future as their great quality means they can be in use for many years. However, when they are ready for disposal, you can recycle them. This is with technology we have now, not with technology we hope to have in the future. All of the parts and components can be broken down. This is a great advantage for your carbon footprint versus binning things.

Reducing your carbon footprint is an important consideration. If the environment is important to you, then this is one thing to be aware of. Switching to ESS batteries from regular mains supply is a big shift. However, it is one way in which you can make a big impact in the future. It is great for your pocket in saving money on regular energy bills as well as your carbon footprint. Make the change today and take a look at our products at EcoPowerDirect.

Always seek professional advice before buying our products. No amount of personal research can replace expert advice on the set-up in your own space.

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What to Expect from the EVE Brand of Batteries

The EVE brand name is one known worldwide and yet, less so in the UK. Yet we all know the most popular and expensive brands for our AA batteries. So where do we go for our large capacity ESS batteries? Anyone who follows our blog will know that we are big fans of the EVE brand. The reason behind that has multiple layers. Here is what you can expect from EVE brand batteries and why we think they are so good.

The Components and Design

We have opened up one of our EVE batteries. Want to know what we found inside? All of the components that need to be in there, well put-together in the right way. Whereas some products, you open them up and they are messy with components not fit for purpose and loose connections. Therefore are exceptionally impressed with the EVE battery components. If we made batteries, this is how we would want to make them.

The Quality

When looking at EVE batteries one of the most important things for us is the overall quality. There are aspects which are a huge improvement versus other kinds of batteries. This includes them having more available power to use then similar lead batteries. You can also fully recycle this product in the future when you no longer want it. therefore, quality aspects like this make us appreciate the EVE brand batteries. They live up to their promises

The Reliability

EVE batteries definitely last a long time, and this reliability is important to us at EcoPowerDirect. We do not want to bring you batteries that need replacing each year or two. We want to offer reliable batteries that you can depend on to power your home after every charge. From our tests, the EVE brand batteries are the ones that offer something different. These are the products that you can rely on.

The Wow Factor

For us, the EVE brand has the wow factor. They offer the complete package as a company that have spent time and money developing their product. They are market-leaders worldwide and strive to make a better type of battery. By constantly upgrading their technology and products, you get the best on the market. Everything about EVE is impressive and they truly offer the wow factor.

The Price

ESS batteries can vary hugely in price. Price is typically an important consideration when thinking about a larger purchase like this. For the quality and design, we have yet to find a similar product which ticks all our boxes and is equivalent on price. For us, the EVE ESS battery is the perfect choice at an affordable price. Using their set-up is a great choice to be able to make an investment in ESS batteries for your home.

A creative and forward-thinking company, EVE are the lithium-ion battery specialists that offer so much more. A responsible brand with almost 6,000 patents worldwide and over 4,000 research and development senior researchers in their team, you can see their vision. You can be part of it with EVE’s ESS batteries to power your space. They make a great investment for a stable energy future.

Before buying any of our battery products please get professional advice to ensure they are compatible with your set-up.

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