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The Clean Energy Revolution is Coming

The Clean Energy Revolution is coming. The story began in the US with a pocket of people campaigning for the removal of fossil fuels from the general supply. It then spread to the rest of the world and the idea is building more and more. Cleaning up the energy supply has great benefits for health and longevity of fuel. The reason is that what replaces fossil fuels is mainly renewable energy. The use of renewables in the UK up until now has always been problematic. Solar panels are the main way in which households or individual consumers use renewables themselves. This only works as long as the sun shines. After all, renewable energy is generally not stored for use later. Well, things are changing and adopting other methods is becoming possible.

Slippery Solar

Solar energy is a little slippery. It is great when the sun is shining or the light is strong, even if it is a cloudy day. But you have always had to use it there and then. Combining it with a different technology now makes it possible to harness that power and keep hold of it. This means it can shine on during the day, but once it is dark there is still usable energy. With an ESS battery set-up, this is easy. Its design is made specifically to store energy. This can be from a range of sources, but in the case of solar, so long as it is bright, the energy is there. This makes a fantastic pairing to power your space.

Another Clean Option

Solar is not the only way you can use energy through an ESS battery set-up. Having a personal wind turbine is now an option for clean energy. You can place this on the side of a building to pick up the breeze and this in turn feeds your ESS batteries for use now or later. The great thing about wind turbines and solar panels is that you can also use them on the go. If you have a narrowboat, yacht or caravan these are both great options for clean energy. A mini wind turbine is a low-cost and easy way to harness home energy quickly. A clever option for generating your own energy.

The Grid is Good

Of course, at the start of the Clean Energy Revolution, grid energy was the focus. Getting grid energy to eliminate fossil fuels is bringing change. However, we are not there yet in the UK. At busy times such as office hours, dinnertime and Saturday night TV binges there can still be a reliance on fossil fuels. Yet with ESS batteries, you can fill them with grid energy at any time. This works well if you choose to fill them overnight when energy is in low use. There therefore tends to be more clean energy at this time rather than dirty fossil fuel energy.

Every little helps with the Clean Energy Revolution. ESS batteries can make a big difference to the way you approach your energy. However, you can do this without changing the way you use energy. You can continue to use it whatever way you want and whenever you want. It truly is a revolution.

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