EVE 4.8kWh Lithium Battery

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Eco Power Direct’s premium ESS battery option is the EVE 48100T battery. These batteries are a simple and reliable way to power your workplace or home. You take the convenience of large volume batteries and make them work for you.

Our lithium batteries are ready to work your way. This battery is reliable and adaptable with a great range of features. The EVE 48100T battery is a high-quality option which offers an elevated level of power per charge versus lead alternatives. It can be powered in a number of different ways from renewables to off-peak grid energy. These batteries are reliable offering premium quality in every area. They are suitable for homes and businesses alike. Whether you are on or off-grid, they give you what you need.

Download the BMS software to monitor the packs to cell level or see any errors. To be used in conjunction with the BMS-USB Cable

Also these batteries are Solar Assistant Compatible, so 15 can be linked together and data can be shown on the Solar Assistant App.

Please keep in mind these are EVE factory built batteries using EVE certified grade A cells direct from the manufacturer and UK guaranteed.

Supplied with standard 25mm2 battery cables in the box, these cables may not be sufficient if used within a larger battery bank depending on configuration.

This Battery is 100% new and boxed and the ideal solution for any 48v inverter / charger as will still work safely with no communication to the charger / inverter required due to the inbuilt BMS. (subject to the inverter/charger not relying on communication)

These are an ideal replacement for most 48v systems that can support lithium.

Data Sheet    BMS Software

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 22 cm


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  • 100% new and boxed, UK warranty
  • Renowned EVE quality grade A cells
  • 100Ah, 4.8kWh, 48 volt nominal
  • Chemistry LiFePO4
  • Manufacturer’s exceptional build quality
  • Can be used stand alone without communication connection to the charger/inverter, just like any other battery. Thanks to the built in BMS
  • 1x RS232 serial port
  • 2x RS485 serial ports (PACE MODBUS protocol)
  • 2 relay outputs (dry) for alarm condition
  • Stackable and expandable
  • Standard 19-inch rack mountable
  • BMS (Battery Management System) built into each battery enclosure, Software available to download !
  • Trip/isolator on each battery for safety
  • Single-cell over-voltage protection
  • Single-cell under-voltage protection
  • Discharging over-current protection
  • Discharging overheat protection
  • Charging over-current protection
  • Charging overheat protection
  • Default charge limit set to 20A to provide charge protection, this self regulating feature means the ability to use between 0ºC to 55ºC without any communication connection to the charger (this can be disabled prior to shipment if required, must only be charged with 20A <10ºC or 45ºC> to preserve life / warranty when disabled)
  • Parallel connect up to 15 units (per RS485 string if using communication) for a capacity of up to 1500Ah
  • Supplied with standard 25mm2 Battery cables (which may not be suitable for multiple batteries in a bank depending on connection)
  • Up to 5 years UK limited warranty (80%DOD @ 0.5/0.5C 25ºC)
  • 10 years design life minimum 4000 Cycles at above charge / discharge specification (1 cycle per day)

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