Power Pack 520 for Portable Power Anywhere

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Power Pack 520 Specification Sheet


The POWER PACK 520 is a portable power source you can use on the go anywhere. No longer is supply confined to the inside of your home or business. It combines a powerful lithium-ion battery with a pure sine wave inverter. This gives it the ability to either charge or to power all types of electronic appliances. It produces a continuous voltage of 12V and a 230V power supply. Its 20Ah storage capacity offers sufficient reserves to keep most electrical appliances charged up or running under any circumstances.

Those outside jobs, running a long cable from an inside plug point are a thing of the past. Equally, take this power pack to remote sites if you wish. You can use it to power tools, for camping, out in the field or wherever your imagination takes you. The world is yours to explore with the Power Pack 520. It is great for outdoor businesses or domestic visits outside the home. Whatever you can think of this compact and reliable unit fits the bill. It has various ports for easy charging. The unit even shows its charge level to avoid the chance of running out unexpectedly.

This can charge with a power lead at a regular plug point.

  • Can be put to use in remote locations with no power sources
  • Multiple connections offering solutions for charging and operating devices
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Compact and lightweight at 5.14kg, for easy movement
  • Comes with a case and accessories including a charging cable

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