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Are Lithium-ion Batteries Getting More Expensive?

Prices are rising, everywhere we look. When you buy something now, if you bought it over a month ago for food or perhaps a year ago for other things, you expect an increase. Are lithium-ion batteries getting more expensive is a question you might therefore ask. It is under monitor by BloombergNEF who track the price annually since 2010. And so, we know that the lithium-ion battery price has been pretty stable up to 2020. Yet just like everything else, more recently there has been an increase in the price. Here are a few things we have noted:

The Long View

There are plenty of companies making lithium-ion batteries doing their research and development. R&D is vital in companies to make constant refinements and improvements to their products and technology. This is what ensures things can be made better. It might be quicker, cheaper, more environmentally friendly, or made with different resources. This is essential to bring down the cost of lithium-ion batteries and similar technologies we might use in this way. Sometimes you need to take the long view. Yes, this will not benefit you today, but a big organisation can afford to think to the future. A year, 5, 10; it all depends on the specific company and their future goals. But R&D is the way developments happen.

Reducing Costs at Manufacturing

Despite the lithium-ion battery price rising lately, it could have gone even further. For example, recently, the formulation has been changing to reduce the amount of cobalt. This is a relatively expensive element, pushing up the price of the batteries. Additionally, manufacturers have been using a low-cost kind of cathode chemistry which has led to a cost reduction of around 20%. So, with these raw materials reducing, there has been a less sharp increase in cost. However, overall raw materials and manufacturing costs are rising so when asking are lithium-ion batteries getting more expensive, the answer is essentially yes. Yet at least some of the cost increase has been mitigated by new processes.

The Price We See Today

The price we see for lithium-ion batteries today is more than it was 5 years ago, but is that a surprise? Yes, technologies do come down in price sometimes over time – take any large household appliance. When they first appear they are very expensive, but as they become more mainstream, they reduce. This might have been the case with lithium-ion batteries too, but with everything rising in price, it was not possible. It simply mirrors what we see in the rest of our country and across the world too. Just about everything is increasing in price and lithium-ion batteries are not able to avoid that. Once prices stabilise, it may happen.

You are right to wonder are lithium-ion batteries becoming more expensive. It is true, but only in so far as everything seems to be at the moment. However, with companies like EVE who supply our batteries at EcoPowerDirect investing in research and development, batteries are getting better. That may mean that in the future they can be cheaper too.

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Solar Panels for Narrowboats – Or Any Boat in Fact!

Solar panels for narrowboats are becoming ever more popular. If you have a narrowboat, then this is the perfect time of year to be enjoying it. The summer has additional hours of light and long evenings to while away. The difficulty however is getting energy on your narrowboat. Solar panels for narrowboats are a great idea to get cheap and efficient energy. After all, the solar panels can generate energy all the time that it is light outside, to varying degrees. There are some considerations however that it is worth being aware of.


So, there are different kinds of solar panels for narrowboats that are available on the market. Large panels that are put to use for houses are in use by some boat owners. Yet there is an issue in that due to their proximity to the ground, they can be damaged, vandalised or stolen. This is not a regular occurrence but it can happen, so we recommend a folding panel. We offer these from 40w to 150w and they are not only convenient but also easy to store. If you have concerns about your solar panels, then you can take action to keep them safe. As you can move them, they are also a great choice for finding an optimum position. These panels are additionally inexpensive making them more accessible to all.

Ease of Use and Extra Power

Some panels are complex in their use, but the solar panels for narrowboats we recommend are additionally easy to use. With full instructions, they are made for this sort of use, so it is generally easy to set-up with your system. Having the option of solar is so positive and clean for the environment. There are additionally mini wind turbines for narrowboats and domestic use. These are so useful for thinking about adding more power to your set-up. It is a great option for giving a little more. Whatever you do have will be a boost to your space. These options are much better than running the engine, either way.

Add-Ons are Available

The biggest disadvantage of solar panels is that they do not work once the sun goes down. This is unfortunate as when night comes, that is the time we need lights and perhaps to make hot food or to run warm water. Now, this can come instead from running the engine. An inverter converts the power to allow you to run things inside. However, it is a lot easier and cheaper to store your excess solar energy in ESS batteries. We recommend EVE brand batteries to do this. This also avoids noise issues from running the engine as in this article from the Canal and River Trust. You can store your energy from your solar panel and then use it anytime you like.

Solar panels for narrowboats are a great piece of kit to choose. Why not take a look at our range to see what the options are for you. A fantastic choice for your boat- whatever type it is.

Do seek professional advice before you buy any of our products to ensure they are the right items for you.

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Investing in Renewable Energy at Home

If you are thinking about renewable energy at home, then this quick guide can give you all the information you need for getting started with it. It is no longer exclusive just to specific homeowners. Many people can make use of renewable energy at home but do not realise it yet – are you one of them?

Super Solar

The most obvious one to mention is solar. You were once able to fit a solar panel and sell energy back to the National Grid at a premium price. This is generally no longer the case – it sells now at a low price. However, it is still great for giving you some free energy at home. There is an initial cost for a solar panel, but once you have that, it begins to pay for itself immediately. Yet it only works when it is light, and you get less energy on dull days. Bear this in mind when planning things like putting on the washing machine or any energy-guzzling tools.

A Bit of Wind

Most people in the UK live in a breezy spot. Therefore, this becomes a good way to harness some free energy. If you have ever seen big wind turbines, imagine this but on a smaller scale. You can get your own small wind turbine spinning around and generating power for you. Again, this only works when the wind blows, so on still days, it will not work well. However, it is great to have it and get some free energy for your home. The power of the wind can be a great source of energy for you.

The Final Puzzle Piece

Renewable energy at home is all very well, but as you can see, it is not available all the time. When the wind and sun die down for the day, that is it. However, there is now another way which is going to revolutionise the way we use energy. What if it was possible to store excess energy for you to use when you want? Perhaps when it is dark or on a fine day without a breeze? Well now you can do this in an easy and convenient way without complex set-up.

ESS Battery Storage Solution

When you think renewable energy, you see its limitations, but with ESS battery storage these are eliminated. You can use these batteries to store additional energy when your renewable energy is strong. Then use this power whenever you want. You also do not need to worry if you do not have enough solar or wind energy to fill the batteries, or it has been a bad time with the weather. If this happens, you can use the National Grid or a generator to top them up.

Make the most of your renewable energy by adding ESS batteries to it. Our version are EVE brand batteries, and they are the best we can find. A wonderful option for your home with the ultimate in flexibility. Set-up your renewable energy at home today and find a great new energy solution now.

Please seek professional advice before buying our batteries and ensure they are right for the set-up you have.

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How to Prepare for Living Off-Grid

If you are thinking of living off-grid whether for a set amount of time, or for a long time, there are lots of things to consider. There are plenty of places in the UK that you can live off-grid. However off-grid tends to mean remote, so there may be more considerations in this than you think. In fact they are probably things you just never thought about in previous city or urban homes. Think them through now to make living off-grid the great experience it should be.

Find the right location for you

Location is important. This is not just in terms of where in the world your space will be, it is more than that. Wherever you choose, there will be options for you. Do you need to build somewhere to live or is that already on the land? What kind of structure will provide you with a long-term place to live? Can you devote the time and resources to this? Deciding these aspects before choosing a final area is really important.

Investigate your options for water

Water is a life necessity and not just as a requirement for drinking and staying alive. It is what you need to clean yourself and your space, for cooking and keeping things sanitary, such as washing dishes. It is possible that there is well water on your land that a pump can bring into the space. However, is this also suitable for drinking? Make sure that you investigate your options for water. Reliable water can make all the difference when choosing somewhere.

Make plans for your energy options

Without energy of some kind, you will not be able to do much off-grid. Most sites advocate a solar panel and leave it at that, but what about when the sun goes down? ESS batteries are a great way of having 24-hour energy off-grid without a reliance on mainstream energy. You can hook them up to a solar panel or mini wind turbine to charge the power and use it whenever you want. When the elements are not being kind, you can also attach it to a generator to give you a boost such as in winter.

Get your waste right

Another thing no one thinks about in urban areas is where the waste goes. You do not want to contaminate your land or suffer from unpleasant smells. One typical solution is to get a septic tank put in. This can eliminate the worry of toilet waste although you can get composting or incinerating toilets that look like regular ones. You can also get integral wastewater treatment solutions, which are worth looking at. Sorting out your waste is an important element of living off-grid.

Preparing for off-grid living is an exciting time, but one that you want to get right. Make sure that you have thought through the different elements of this before you begin. The ones we have above are the true fundamentals of ensuring you are ready to make that leap. You can fulfil your energy needs especially at Eco Power Direct. With battery packages available now, you can get your power sorted easily and quickly.

Please get a professional to check your system before you purchase our batteries to make sure they will work for you.

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