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Investing in Renewable Energy at Home

If you are thinking about renewable energy at home, then this quick guide can give you all the information you need for getting started with it. It is no longer exclusive just to specific homeowners. Many people can make use of renewable energy at home but do not realise it yet – are you one of them?

Super Solar

The most obvious one to mention is solar. You were once able to fit a solar panel and sell energy back to the National Grid at a premium price. This is generally no longer the case – it sells now at a low price. However, it is still great for giving you some free energy at home. There is an initial cost for a solar panel, but once you have that, it begins to pay for itself immediately. Yet it only works when it is light, and you get less energy on dull days. Bear this in mind when planning things like putting on the washing machine or any energy-guzzling tools.

A Bit of Wind

Most people in the UK live in a breezy spot. Therefore, this becomes a good way to harness some free energy. If you have ever seen big wind turbines, imagine this but on a smaller scale. You can get your own small wind turbine spinning around and generating power for you. Again, this only works when the wind blows, so on still days, it will not work well. However, it is great to have it and get some free energy for your home. The power of the wind can be a great source of energy for you.

The Final Puzzle Piece

Renewable energy at home is all very well, but as you can see, it is not available all the time. When the wind and sun die down for the day, that is it. However, there is now another way which is going to revolutionise the way we use energy. What if it was possible to store excess energy for you to use when you want? Perhaps when it is dark or on a fine day without a breeze? Well now you can do this in an easy and convenient way without complex set-up.

ESS Battery Storage Solution

When you think renewable energy, you see its limitations, but with ESS battery storage these are eliminated. You can use these batteries to store additional energy when your renewable energy is strong. Then use this power whenever you want. You also do not need to worry if you do not have enough solar or wind energy to fill the batteries, or it has been a bad time with the weather. If this happens, you can use the National Grid or a generator to top them up.

Make the most of your renewable energy by adding ESS batteries to it. Our version are EVE brand batteries, and they are the best we can find. A wonderful option for your home with the ultimate in flexibility. Set-up your renewable energy at home today and find a great new energy solution now.

Please seek professional advice before buying our batteries and ensure they are right for the set-up you have.