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The Quality You Get from EVE Batteries

At EcoPowerDirect we believe that EVE batteries are the best ESS batteries you can buy. We have learned this the hard way. We have spent many years doing our research. One of the ways we have done this is through getting it wrong. We began by thinking that all batteries are made equal. How wrong we were! We tried several types of batteries at great cost and inconvenience over time. That is until we struck gold with the EVE batteries. Here are just some of the reasons that we think EVE batteries are the best quality.

Lithium versus Lead

The first batteries we tried were lead batteries. This was probably the biggest mistake we made. We did not realise at the time how ineffective lead batteries are. You charge them up to 100% just like any regular battery. You then use them. Yet, it is recommended to only use 50% of the charge in the battery. So if you need a certain amount of power, say to last a day, you will need two batteries for every full charge for each battery as you can only use half of what is in them. It also degrades over time. In comparison, EVE batteries are lithium-ion and you can use as much as 80% of the power with an extended cycle life of 3500+ cycles if used within the specification.

A Reputable Brand

After our lead disaster, we took another approach with our batteries. We bought lithium-ion batteries, which was definitely a step in the right direction. However, we thought they might be all the same and bought some cheap ones off the internet. It did not take long before it was obvious that a reputable brand is what you really need. When we finally got the EVE batteries, the difference was easy to see. EVE is a well-known brand across the world and the quality of their parts is obvious. We have opened one up and can see just how well made it is, with excellent components. The amount of time this battery lasts is better than any other that we have found. In the end, that is probably the most important thing if you want to use them on a daily basis.

Environmentally Sound

The environment has to be an important consideration these days. The credentials of the EVE battery impress us. Metals like lithium, cobalt, nickel, and copper can be extracted from the used battery. These metals can be reused in the production of new batteries or in other industries. This is good news for the environment and due to the inbuilt BMS a high safety record to have in the home. These environmental credentials are important and that is one more reason why we appreciate the quality of EVE batteries at EcoPowerDirect.

We are more than happy to recommend EVE batteries at EcoPowerDirect. They are the best quality we have found. From components to environment, they have thought of everything. We know their batteries will benefit our customers.

Please get professional advice before buying our batteries to ensure they are the right ones for your set-up. No amount of person research can replace this expert knowledge.

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Reducing Fuel Bills Over the Long Term

A lot of households are wondering how to go about reducing fuel bills over the long term. As household bills rise, the pinch has had an effect on a lot of people. If you are thinking of reducing your fuel bills but still need to use the same amount of fuel, there are methods to do this. One that we suggest is using ESS batteries to store power. There are several ways of reducing fuel bills while doing this. Here are a few ways it can work:

Free Energy

Reducing fuel bills can be a priority and what can be better than free energy? Taking up small solar panels or mini wind turbines can give you free energy. These are useful when it is light outside or windy, but what about the evenings and still days? This is when ESS batteries come into their own. They can store this free energy to use at a later time, whenever it is most convenient. This free energy has an outlay on cost initially but once the set-up is there, it is free long-term.

Cheaper Energy

If the free energy options do not suit, then ESS batteries using grid energy is a good way to go. There are plenty of options for off-peak tariffs. This means that energy is expensive during the peak time such as daytime and evening, but cheaper overnight or early morning. At this off-peak time, you charge the batteries. You can then use the energy at a time that suits you, whether during peak or off-peak times. This is an easy and convenient way to operate and get cheaper energy into your space.

The Need to Store

Storing energy is a great way to ensure you can use it when it suits you. This is a brilliant option to reduce fuel bills. This ability to store energy offers a useful way to save that extra money. A few pennies may not feel like much, but that compounds when you see it every hour of every day. Storing energy can be so economical and can save a lot of money over time. This is a long-term process and set-up which will provide a benefit for many years to come.

Fuelling Bigger Spaces

It is easy to scale up with ESS batteries, which is a really useful element to be aware of. You can start with one battery and then build up over time to fuel a bigger space. These batteries can be put together in parallel with additional connections. That allows you to add more over time to increase your storage capacity. Some set-ups then mix free and lower price energy to maximise what they get out of it. This creates plenty of options for reducing fuel bills.

ESS batteries have the power to really reduce your fuel bills. Whatever the size and set-up of your space, this could be a great long-term solution. Our EVE ESS batteries are fantastic quality, and they can offer something unique to your home. Reduce your fuel bills with this one simple solution.

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Powering the Future with ESS Lithium-ion Batteries

The future can be bright, but only if we find greener and cleaner ways to use energy. ESS lithium-ion batteries can be a simple and effective way to do this. The news is full of energy crises and that makes right now the best time to find other solutions. Bringing your energy solution close to home could help you to be more self-reliant. You do not have to live in the middle of a field to appreciate this type of battery. Here are some of its benefits:

Energy for Keeps

Whichever way you choose to get your energy, ESS lithium-ion batteries store it for you. Fill up these batteries and then use your energy whenever you want to. This is a considerable improvement on solutions like solar panels for example that work only as long as it is light. You can use solar panels to feed these batteries, whatever the time of the day. With these batteries, there will be energy waiting for you whenever you need it. In this way it operates just the same way as a regular AA battery bought from the shops. However, it is much bigger and refillable which offers certain bonuses.

Moneysaving Batteries

The next great thing about ESS lithium-ion batteries is that they can save you money as a consumer. Rising energy costs will affect you to a lesser amount, or perhaps not at all, with these batteries. You can fill them with entirely renewable energy if you like. Both solar panels and small wind turbines are suitable for filling them freely. Equally you can choose to fill them up using grid energy that is paid for from a regular supplier. The beauty of this is that you can fill them up at times when energy is cheaper. This is typically overnight when energy is less in demand. It can save money if you find an off-peak tariff.

Environmentally Safer

These ESS lithium-ion batteries are made up of components that are freely available. There are no weird chemicals or toxins that can leach into the environment. This also means that after a long time when your batteries are no longer effective, they are fully recyclable. It is a great product for the eco-conscious consumer. The footprint of this product is much better than lead equivalents. Also it can discharge 90% of the charge inside the battery so energy lasts longer. This is only around 50% for lead batteries.

ESS lithium-ion batteries like our EVE version are known to be great products. They have an excellent spec and offer such a lot to a wide variety of users. Whether you plan to use these on a narrowboat, in the middle of a field for glamping pods or in a 3-bedroom house, they will perform. Consider powering your whole space with ESS batteries as they have the capacity to do what you need. You can use multiple batteries in tandem for a set-up that fulfils all your needs.

Always seek professional advice before purchasing our products. No amount of personal research can replace expert knowledge about the set-up in your specific space.

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Cleaning Up: ESS Batteries and Cleaner Energy

Cleaner energy is something everyone has heard of. Yet having a giant wind turbine in your backyard is not feasible for anyone. So how can ESS batteries help to create a system of cleaner energy? There is more than one way this can come about. Here are our top five reasons why ESS batteries can bring about a cleaner place for everyone.

Solar Energy

If you think that solar panels are only for the rich, think again. It is now possible to generate solar energy just to fill up your ESS batteries. You can simply start out with a single solar panel. You can even attach it to your motorhome, caravan, narrowboat or just your house. Use this power to fill up your batteries while it is light outside. You can then enjoy the energy from the batteries anytime of the day, even if it is dark. Actually, our folding solar panels are great value and really convenient to set this up quickly and easily.

Wind Power

So, a giant wind turbine is not possible, but what about a small one? You can now get small wind turbines to use at home or in a camper van or on a yacht. This can feed into ESS batteries to provide a free energy solution. Also, just like with solar the energy can then be used at any time you like. The turbine can affix temporarily or more permanently as suits you.

Off-Peak Grid Time

Using off-peak energy is cleaner than using peak grid energy. When a lot of energy needs to be in use suddenly, like when everyone comes home from work, this is peak. There is not enough solar or wind power to cope and more dirty energy sources must be used like gas and coal. Overnight this is off -peak and there is much less reliance on dirty fuel types. Your ESS batteries can fill up with off-peak energy and you can use it whenever you choose.

Low Carbon Footprint and Recyclable

ESS batteries have a reasonably low carbon footprint to make. Also, our EVE batteries are made from lithium-ion which is a clean and abundant resource. Some elements such as those in use within phones are rare and involve dangerous mining. This is not the case here. Also, after many years and once the batteries are no longer useable, they are fully recyclable.

Leaving the Cities

These kinds of cleaner energy batteries make it far more possible to live off-grid or somewhere remote. As they provide a stable energy source, it makes this option attractive to those wanting to get out of cities and urban areas. Therefore, it opens out possibilities for living anywhere and working remotely. This is a positive shift which reduces pollution and has the potential to clean up these places.

ESS batteries truly can lead to cleaner energy use. With some changes, this is a revolution that can be within the grasp of everyone. If you have an interest in cleaner energy, visit Eco Power Direct.

Always seek professional advice before choosing our products.

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