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Cleaning Up: ESS Batteries and Cleaner Energy

Cleaner energy is something everyone has heard of. Yet having a giant wind turbine in your backyard is not feasible for anyone. So how can ESS batteries help to create a system of cleaner energy? There is more than one way this can come about. Here are our top five reasons why ESS batteries can bring about a cleaner place for everyone.

Solar Energy

If you think that solar panels are only for the rich, think again. It is now possible to generate solar energy just to fill up your ESS batteries. You can simply start out with a single solar panel. You can even attach it to your motorhome, caravan, narrowboat or just your house. Use this power to fill up your batteries while it is light outside. You can then enjoy the energy from the batteries anytime of the day, even if it is dark. Actually, our folding solar panels are great value and really convenient to set this up quickly and easily.

Wind Power

So, a giant wind turbine is not possible, but what about a small one? You can now get small wind turbines to use at home or in a camper van or on a yacht. This can feed into ESS batteries to provide a free energy solution. Also, just like with solar the energy can then be used at any time you like. The turbine can affix temporarily or more permanently as suits you.

Off-Peak Grid Time

Using off-peak energy is cleaner than using peak grid energy. When a lot of energy needs to be in use suddenly, like when everyone comes home from work, this is peak. There is not enough solar or wind power to cope and more dirty energy sources must be used like gas and coal. Overnight this is off -peak and there is much less reliance on dirty fuel types. Your ESS batteries can fill up with off-peak energy and you can use it whenever you choose.

Low Carbon Footprint and Recyclable

ESS batteries have a reasonably low carbon footprint to make. Also, our EVE batteries are made from lithium-ion which is a clean and abundant resource. Some elements such as those in use within phones are rare and involve dangerous mining. This is not the case here. Also, after many years and once the batteries are no longer useable, they are fully recyclable.

Leaving the Cities

These kinds of cleaner energy batteries make it far more possible to live off-grid or somewhere remote. As they provide a stable energy source, it makes this option attractive to those wanting to get out of cities and urban areas. Therefore, it opens out possibilities for living anywhere and working remotely. This is a positive shift which reduces pollution and has the potential to clean up these places.

ESS batteries truly can lead to cleaner energy use. With some changes, this is a revolution that can be within the grasp of everyone. If you have an interest in cleaner energy, visit Eco Power Direct.

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