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Using Solar Power on the Move

Using solar power on the move is essential to people both in the UK and other countries. It means the difference for some between doing what they love and being in one place. Solar power on the move is a great option for those with different modes of getting from A to B. It is important to make your world work for you and having power that works for you can solve lots of issues.

Solar Power for Campervans

When we think about solar power on the move and the rise of campervans, it seems obvious. Campervans can benefit from solar power. A small folding solar panel allows users to minimise space yet get the benefit of free energy on the go. This can help to run small appliances and to charge phones and other electricals on the go. Also, you can charge power banks to have some energy later.

Solar Power for Caravans

Caravans are still a popular means of transport and solar power can offer some help. Any additional appliances and items needed while in the caravan can be charged using solar power. This is especially helpful if there is no electrical hookup available. Also, electrical hookups can be a large extra cost, especially if you are travelling for a long time. Solar can bring all you need on a bright summer’s evening.

Solar Power for Boats

So, solar power is really useful for those on boats and narrowboats. Many of these vessels turn over the engine to get power, which is often diesel. This can be an expensive and dirty way to get power for what you need to do. With solar power, it runs so long as the weather is bright. You can also change the direction of the solar panel itself to move with the sun and better benefit from what it offers for longer. It is a great type of renewable resource.

Solar Power for Camping

When you are camping, without running a generator there are few options for power. It is all very well to go with power banks but if you are camping for more than a couple of days there may not be enough power. You can keep your e-readers, tablets and laptops on charge with a solar panel. You can also run other small appliances to ensure your time while camping is completely enjoyable. It is just a small thing to help with your travels.

Solar power on the move is a brilliant way to use a solar panel. It is not the case that a solar panel is just an item that gets stuck on the roof of a house. They have so many more uses as well. If you are considering using a solar panel for times on the move EcoPowerDirect can help. Our folding solar panels reduce necessary storage space. This makes having a solar panel easier and more convenient. You can also move them into the direction of the sun as suits you. What a great idea to ensure that you have the power you require, even when you are out and about.

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Are Solar Panel Prices Worth the Investment

Solar panel prices are always going to be a concern for those considering getting them. Solar panel prices are stable and what they offer today is likely to be similar over the next ten years. Therefore, solar panels are a pretty sound investment. This is especially true as energy prices from the grid keep zig zagging around and going up and down. Individual consumers can do very little about saving money on grid energy other than reducing usage in the home. Yet with solar perhaps there are more long-term options that can improve your finances.

Think Beyond Today

With solar panel prices, you definitely have to think beyond today. When you choose solar panels, you are making a long-term investment for the future. Yes, the panels have initial cost, but you will reap the benefits of lower cost or free energy for many years to come. Solar panels are generally considered to have a long life span and so they will bring returns over time. With solar panels the benefit you get is down the line, but they are worth the investment. Individuals and households do have to decide whether this is something they can commit to though.

Choose What is Right for You

When you think about solar panels and solar panel investment, it is really important to think about what is right for you. Is this something you can fully get behind? You need to have that confidence that this is the right approach for you. What a great opportunity it can be for those who are able to go for it and bring solar panels into their life. Solar is such a great source of energy. It works when it is light, so it is not as if it only works a few months of the year. We understand that summers seem to be getting shorter. However, solar can do well even with the winter sun, so it is not exclusively for hot places.

Avoid the Con Artists

There are plenty of warning stories over the internet about the con artists of solar. They often offer a package of supplying and installing the solar panels, but the results can end up poor. Bad installation and poor-quality panels. We have seen ones placed on a north facing roof where the sun is minimal and ones that seem to be hanging off. Take control of your own solar journey by buying solar panels yourself. Do your research and choose the right ones for you. Then you can engage your own solar installer that comes with great reviews (or do it yourself if you know what you are doing!). This puts your solar experience firmly in your own hands.

EcoPowerDirect offers a range of solar panels to suit every kind of household. From a business to a five-bedroom house, and two up two down to a narrowboat. We offer a great choice of solar panel prices that are not through the roof. If you also want to store your energy, we have all the kit you need to get on track. A company you can trust to deliver what you need.

We always recommend you seek expert help before you buy our products to make sure that you choose the right items for your space.

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