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Energy storage opportunities you’ve never thought of

There are probably more energy storage opportunities than you are aware of. Energy storage is a great way to reduce energy bills and become more self-reliant. This is great for those going off-grid or setting up an outdoor rural business relying on energy. However, it is just as good for those who live in the middle of a housing estate in a city. Working out the best energy storage opportunities for you personally before you invest in a system is vital. Here are some of the opportunities you may not be aware of.

Wind Power

If there is one thing that the UK is known for, it’s the wind. With over 7,000 miles of coastlines, the wind comes over the sea and often catches us out. There are an increasing number of wind turbines in the UK now, gathering energy to feed the National Grid. This is reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and can do the same for you. Yes, a wind turbine is a bit extreme to put in your yard. But a mini version like the Eco Power Direct 200W option could go there. Connect this to an inverter and a rechargeable 12V battery to store your wind power as energy. You can then use this energy later whenever you like.

Solar Power

The power of the sun may be a little more obvious. However, although many people are aware of solar panels, they have never thought about them for their own home. Solar panels can actually save a lot of money on energy bills. After all, the average roof can take quite a few panels and therefore can create quite a lot of energy. Yet most people who have solar do not have the ability to store it. By using the inverter and storage battery system, this can make a huge impact. This is a particularly good system for those that use a lot of energy. This includes those with large families and electric cars. It also does not have to be sunny for energy storage opportunities around solar power. This is another rather outdated thought!

Load Shifting Grid Energy

You might think energy prices are all the same. Yet if you think that, it might be time to look again. There can be some great deals to be had in using energy off-peak. When you have an ESS battery storage system and connect it to the grid, it is still so worthwhile. That is, when you have cheap off-peak energy, such as overnight, and load shift it. Load shifting means getting energy when it is cheap and using it when you want, when it would be expensive. By storing this energy and load shifting it, it can save a huge amount of money.

The opportunities in energy storage are huge right now. Increase your own control over your energy use and energy prices. This is a great way to get your system working well for you, whatever kind of set-up you have.

Always seek professional advice before investing in Eco Power Direct storage battery equipment. No amount of research replaces professional knowledge of your system.