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Solar Panels for Narrowboats – Or Any Boat in Fact!

Solar panels for narrowboats are becoming ever more popular. If you have a narrowboat, then this is the perfect time of year to be enjoying it. The summer has additional hours of light and long evenings to while away. The difficulty however is getting energy on your narrowboat. Solar panels for narrowboats are a great idea to get cheap and efficient energy. After all, the solar panels can generate energy all the time that it is light outside, to varying degrees. There are some considerations however that it is worth being aware of.


So, there are different kinds of solar panels for narrowboats that are available on the market. Large panels that are put to use for houses are in use by some boat owners. Yet there is an issue in that due to their proximity to the ground, they can be damaged, vandalised or stolen. This is not a regular occurrence but it can happen, so we recommend a folding panel. We offer these from 40w to 150w and they are not only convenient but also easy to store. If you have concerns about your solar panels, then you can take action to keep them safe. As you can move them, they are also a great choice for finding an optimum position. These panels are additionally inexpensive making them more accessible to all.

Ease of Use and Extra Power

Some panels are complex in their use, but the solar panels for narrowboats we recommend are additionally easy to use. With full instructions, they are made for this sort of use, so it is generally easy to set-up with your system. Having the option of solar is so positive and clean for the environment. There are additionally mini wind turbines for narrowboats and domestic use. These are so useful for thinking about adding more power to your set-up. It is a great option for giving a little more. Whatever you do have will be a boost to your space. These options are much better than running the engine, either way.

Add-Ons are Available

The biggest disadvantage of solar panels is that they do not work once the sun goes down. This is unfortunate as when night comes, that is the time we need lights and perhaps to make hot food or to run warm water. Now, this can come instead from running the engine. An inverter converts the power to allow you to run things inside. However, it is a lot easier and cheaper to store your excess solar energy in ESS batteries. We recommend EVE brand batteries to do this. This also avoids noise issues from running the engine as in this article from the Canal and River Trust. You can store your energy from your solar panel and then use it anytime you like.

Solar panels for narrowboats are a great piece of kit to choose. Why not take a look at our range to see what the options are for you. A fantastic choice for your boat- whatever type it is.

Do seek professional advice before you buy any of our products to ensure they are the right items for you.