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How to Prepare for Living Off-Grid

If you are thinking of living off-grid whether for a set amount of time, or for a long time, there are lots of things to consider. There are plenty of places in the UK that you can live off-grid. However off-grid tends to mean remote, so there may be more considerations in this than you think. In fact they are probably things you just never thought about in previous city or urban homes. Think them through now to make living off-grid the great experience it should be.

Find the right location for you

Location is important. This is not just in terms of where in the world your space will be, it is more than that. Wherever you choose, there will be options for you. Do you need to build somewhere to live or is that already on the land? What kind of structure will provide you with a long-term place to live? Can you devote the time and resources to this? Deciding these aspects before choosing a final area is really important.

Investigate your options for water

Water is a life necessity and not just as a requirement for drinking and staying alive. It is what you need to clean yourself and your space, for cooking and keeping things sanitary, such as washing dishes. It is possible that there is well water on your land that a pump can bring into the space. However, is this also suitable for drinking? Make sure that you investigate your options for water. Reliable water can make all the difference when choosing somewhere.

Make plans for your energy options

Without energy of some kind, you will not be able to do much off-grid. Most sites advocate a solar panel and leave it at that, but what about when the sun goes down? ESS batteries are a great way of having 24-hour energy off-grid without a reliance on mainstream energy. You can hook them up to a solar panel or mini wind turbine to charge the power and use it whenever you want. When the elements are not being kind, you can also attach it to a generator to give you a boost such as in winter.

Get your waste right

Another thing no one thinks about in urban areas is where the waste goes. You do not want to contaminate your land or suffer from unpleasant smells. One typical solution is to get a septic tank put in. This can eliminate the worry of toilet waste although you can get composting or incinerating toilets that look like regular ones. You can also get integral wastewater treatment solutions, which are worth looking at. Sorting out your waste is an important element of living off-grid.

Preparing for off-grid living is an exciting time, but one that you want to get right. Make sure that you have thought through the different elements of this before you begin. The ones we have above are the true fundamentals of ensuring you are ready to make that leap. You can fulfil your energy needs especially at Eco Power Direct. With battery packages available now, you can get your power sorted easily and quickly.

Please get a professional to check your system before you purchase our batteries to make sure they will work for you.