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The Battery Revolution and Changes in Battery Use

The battery revolution is changing the way we see battery use in the UK and it may be surprising, what it has to offer. A little history – when Benjamin Franklin linked together capacitors in 1749, he coined the term battery. In fact, the Baghdad Battery of 250BCE may have been an earlier example. Yet it was Alessandro Volta who was the creator of the first wet cell battery. Batteries as we know them grew from there, with many innovations in the 19th century. You might think that since then, there have not as many innovations and that batteries are now stagnant. Well think again, batteries have come further than you might imagine.

The Rise of Lithium Ion

Lithium ion batteries are born out of a number of discoveries since the 1980s. The idea of having a small but powerful battery that is rechargeable shows such innovation. At one time, it would have been inconceivable. Yet now there are so many items that need this type of battery. From mobile phones to cameras and shavers to tablets, the applications are endless. Imagine the total of what you can achieve thanks to this invention. Yet it does not end there. Some battery manufacturers are still working on improving these batteries. One way to do this, is to make them more powerful yet smaller. As well as making your phone smaller but able to do more and last longer, this allows for large scale batteries but be able to house them in smaller cases. Effective large scale batteries are making a battery revolution and an impact in homes and businesses.

A Battery Revolution at Home

Powering small electronic items is one thing. Yet, what about powering your whole home with batteries? Does that sound a little like science fiction? Well at one time maybe, but now it is a firm reality. No doubt you have seen a horror movie in a cabin, where a generator runs out of diesel, the lights go out and everything goes wrong. Well running large scale or ESS batteries is not quite like this. You get set-up in your home and then you have choices to make about the way you charge the batteries. Some people living remotely will use a diesel generator to fill their batteries but it is not the norm. Like a phone battery, you can use the power over time.

Large Scale Battery Take-Over

As people start using ESS batteries in a more domestic setting, knowledge will spread. This is part of the battery revolution. With ESS batteries you can charge them in different ways. You can use free solar or wind power. Some people use the national grid but save money by charging at unpopular times. You can use a generator or use a range of these options as suits you. That is the great thing about these batteries; they offer fantastic flexibility.

The battery revolution shows there is a big change in how batteries are put to use. There are many ways in which this change has come about, but it is here and it is now. One way to use new batteries is to try ESS large scale batteries in your home. Browse the Eco Power Direct site to find out how they could work for you.

Always seek professional advice before buying are batteries to ensure they are compatible with you set-up.