Inverter/Charger & Battery Packs

Eco Power Direct packs are a great way to get the items you need to work together as a group. They contain two important elements. Firstly, there is an inverter which is a vital piece of kit to start a good set-up. Our 5kW inverter is a tool that gives excellent quality and offers an important function, bringing continuous power to any off-grid, mobile or permanent project. It can also convert solar which allows you to reduce your energy bills.

Secondly, with Eco Power Direct packs we offer our exceptional EVE ESS battery. Depending on the pack you choose, you may receive one or more batteries. This has the capacity to store energy for you to use at a later time. It is a great tool to match with the inverter. Also, it allows you to convert all kinds of energy, so use it with solar energy, a generator of off-peak grid energy. If stable energy and a reduction in energy costs is important to you, take a look at what we can offer.

Whatever your motivation for buying one of our packs, it will make an impact. See our Eco Power Direct packs today for a special deal.

Always get professional advice to check that our inverter and battery is going to work for your set-up before buying.

Please note these “pack’s” are designed to provide discounts for “packaged items”. These packs do not contain any mains connection accessories, battery isolators or any type of fusing / protection. These will need to be provided by the installer. The battery cables are standard 25mm2 cables supplied with each battery and may not be satisfactory for the battery bank (depending on how this is wired)
We recommend a qualified electrician to install.

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Showing all 5 results