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Solar Charging ESS Batteries: The Benefits

Solar charging ESS batteries is a choice. There are multiple ways of charging your batteries from grid to wind power and generator, depending on your individual circumstances. However, there are definitely some benefits to choosing solar. Here are the top 5 benefits we have found:

Free energy

Once you have the kit in place, solar energy is free energy. Everyone knows the sun shines for free and ESS batteries give you the chance to harness it your self. This can dramatically reduce energy bills in one fell swoop. If you have concerns about how rising energy costs, then this approach can be the way to do it.

Clean energy

People love solar because it is such a clean source of energy. Other than making the components like the solar panels themselves, there is nothing additional. Therefore, there is no dirty gas or oil to contend with. There are also no undesirable residues or pollutants. It is just taking in energy from the sun. This is a very eco-friendly way of working and is a positive lifestyle choice.

Storing energy

The great thing with ESS batteries is that they store energy so that you can use it anytime you want. Usually with solar energy it needs using straight away and that means at night it is not so useful. When you solar charge ESS batteries, it is saving the energy away for you to use whenever you like. This makes solar a lot more favourable for everyone.

Not just sunny energy

There is a misconception that you can only get solar energy when it is full sun in mid-summer. While this is obviously a very rich time to gain energy, if it is light, then there is potentially solar energy. Now there is much more energy when it is sunny, but so long as it is light and not very overcast, there will be some energy.

Easy set-up energy

Once you set-up the system to solar charge ESS batteries then there is really nothing more to do. With lead batteries you would need to vent them regularly, but with our EVE ESS batteries, they are lithium-ion, so there is nothing more to do. It is simply a case of setting it up and then letting it work for you.

These are our top 5 benefits and they do show how great solar is to use. Yet it is important to remember the limitations of exclusively solar charging ESS batteries. While you can get some solar most days, in the winter months it is unlikely to be enough to fill your batteries in the UK. However, you can use these hybrid and fuel them up from dual charging sources. This is a simple fix to get the best out of your solar and have the best of both worlds for your home.

Solar is a great system to invest in and needs very little maintenance. Make an eco-friendly decision to combine solar and ESS batteries with Eco Power Direct for the ultimate pairing.

Always seek professional advice before buying our batteries. No amount of personal research will replace an expert understanding of set-up to ensure it is right for your home.