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Iconica Inverter Now in Stock

Big news from Eco Power Direct! Our new Iconica inverter is now in stock and available to buy. This is exciting news for anyone with an interest in our EVE ESS battery products. It may be especially relevant for those who are off grid. This is why we think it is such a great product for our customers:

Giving You Options

So, our Iconica inverter is more than just a 5000w pure sine wave inverter. In fact, it combines this with an 80A MPPT solar charge controller and also a 60A smart battery charger. This might sound a little confusing, but basically it means that you can input directly into your home with solar. Yet, we all know the issues of solar and British weather, so it also allows you to use mains input if you wish. You can then add battery power to this from one such as our EVE ESS battery. This really does allow you to do everything and gives you the best of both worlds if you are off grid.

Charge Your Way

If you have ESS batteries, the Iconica inverter offers you flexibility for charging, too. Firstly, you can charge your batteries using solar easily with this integrated unit. Equally you can charge with mains power instead if you prefer. The great thing about this though, is that you can choose to do a combination of both if that is what you want. There are a range of options with this inverter to work your way and to get it to suit you. Whatever your needs it will fulfil them perfectly.

Take Zero Transfer Time

Another great benefit of our Iconica inverter is that it gives you zero seconds of transfer time. This is really important when your supply is disrupted. If you are watching TV and washing clothes using solar power, that is fine until it drops out. Then your TV and washing machine turn off, leaving you with the annoying repercussions. With this inverter, it seamlessly switches over to mains power, so your wash can carry on washing. It also allows IT equipment to continue functioning when there is a power outage to avoid potential failures.

Fine Tune Settings

With a product such as this, it benefits from being highly customisable. There are a wide range of settings available to tune it your way. You can specify high and low voltage disconnection points. There are power saving modes, auto-restart, overload options and a maximum charging current setting. All in all there are plenty of ways to tune this inverter perfectly to your needs.

Our new Iconica inverter is a great new product from our shelves to yours. From in-built wi-fi connectivity to a rack-compatible design, this will enhance your home system. Use in parallel with our EVE ESS batteries and they make a great combination to solve your energy needs your way. This is a product to make the system you are using offer more possibilities. It will make your system work just the way you want it to.