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What is an Inverter and Why Do You Need One?

If you are looking at an inverter then you probably know a little about its functions already. What is an inverter good for you might want to know. Well, an inverter is such a clever piece of kit. Although they are not cheap, they do a really important function. This can make a big difference to your set-up. Here are some of the benefits of an inverter:

Converts Your Energy

An inverter converts your energy, so whether you have solar, battery or mains energy it makes this usable anywhere. This is really important for off-grid or mobile uses such as on a narrowboat or in a caravan. It takes the energy you have got and makes it useable for you. Our Iconica Inverter operates at 98% efficiency with solar, ensuring you are getting the most out of your supply.

The Perfect Back-Up

An inverter gives you back-up in case you lose power in any of your systems. Imagine being in the middle of an important Teams call or halfway through a washing cycle. Be aware that most inverters have a 15-20 ms speed of transfer, so the transition is not immediate. At Eco Power Direct we are really proud that our Iconica Inverter operates with a zero UPS transfer time. This means no awkward silences or resetting programmes again. It just does exactly what you want it to do.

Useful Anywhere

Whether you have a site in the outer Hebrides, or you have a caravan, an inverter is a useful tool. It can offer so much flexibility and reliability, especially when mains power is not an option. Freedom and flexibility can become restrictive when energy is not easily available. You might use solar, a generator, or a bit of both. An inverter can make this a pain-free and more simple option for easy living. Make your set-up as easy to operate as you wish.

Link to ESS Batteries

If you have concerns about energy prices, you may well be considering ESS storage batteries. You charge these with free or low-cost energy and use that energy anytime you like. They have the advantage of being able to store solar energy. Therefore, it does not need to be light to harness the energy of the sun. You can link an inverter to ESS batteries like our EVE version and store your solar to use when you like.

Eco Power Direct’s Iconica Inverter is a superior choice. This particular option has been tried and tested by our team and we are proud to say, it is an advanced choice without a hefty price tag. It has intelligent features that range from Wi-Fi connectivity to output source priority. After all, this is a hybrid inverter that gives you multiple options for operation. You can use it in parallel with other identical units to expand its potential if you have something bigger in mind. You can use its software to view important system information and keep a check on its operations. There is even a generator auto-start function and an auto-restart function. Meet all of your needs with this great piece of kit.