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Everything You Should Know About ESS Energy Storage Systems

For most people, energy storage systems or ESS are new. Many people have never even heard of it before. Yet for most, once they hear what it involves, it piques their interest. This is because energy storage systems have the potential to make a big difference to homes and businesses. The recent energy crisis has made waves in the lives of many ordinary people. Energy storage systems are a way to balance out those waves and become more in control of energy use.

What Is an Energy Storage System?

It is essentially large-scale battery storage. You buy these large batteries, charge them up (or load them) and then use the energy as you like. It means you can take advantage of energy at its cheapest such a solar and off-peak grid energy. The batteries then store it for you, and you use it when you want. You can run everything from the washing machine to the cooker and lights with this energy.

Selecting the Right System

The right system is the key to this process. Use inefficient batteries, such as lead ones, and you will find you do not have enough power. They only let you use around 50% of the power in the batteries each time. You might also find the system degrades very quickly. We have tried and tested many types and found lithium-ion to be the best. EVE ESS Storage Batteries are great value and allow you to use around 80% of power each time with very little degradation. You could find that they are long-lasting and reliable, offering the right system for you.

Sizing Up Your Needs

Sometimes people think that they need a set amount of power without checking. They can then end up with too little power to meet their needs. It is best to check (or get a professional to check) your bills to understand the total amount of power you need. You must ensure that your batteries will give you enough energy for 24 hours. This allows you to take advantage of off-peak energy as it might only be available at a set time, perhaps overnight. Calculate the number of batteries you need and then base your system on that. It is best not to just guess!

Big Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to this system. The first of course is saving you money on your energy costs. As you will likely draw from free renewables and/or off-peak energy, your daily costs will be lower. Therefore, you will see a financial benefit. Alongside this is the reassurance of having a more stable energy cost. Having more power over your own outgoings may be important to you in the current financial climate.

Energy storage systems can bring you big benefits. Once you know you have the right system for your needs and it is the right size, the power is in your hands. We always recommend taking up professional advice before you invest in an energy storage system. Personal research and recommendation cannot replace expert knowledge and compatibility with your own system.