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Can you get a reliable supply for off-grid energy?

Off-grid energy can be a massive headache for those not living in a traditional city centre or suburb. If you are living in an energy independent way then sometimes energy is not so simple. It is not a case of plugging in a plug and everything works. There is often a more complex system set-up behind the scenes. With rising costs, for the vast majority of those off-grid their non-renewable fuel supplies have similarly been rising. Typically, with off-grid power it is reliability that is the issue.


For off-grid energy, solar power is such an amazing option. You need to work out how many panels you need to power your space. It may be that this is not possible given the land area you have, but it is likely you can place some panels wherever you live off-grid. You then need to buy the kit which is pricey. However, once you have the kit in place it is completely free and the equipment is reasonably long lasting. Yet there can be an issue in cold and wet months. Solar then has limits and becomes highly unreliable. The same might be said for wind power and other renewables at this moment in time.

The Diesel Generator

A diesel-powered generator is a way some people use to fulfil their off-grid energy needs. They have a generator run on diesel, which needs to be running all the time. This is not the most eco friendly option as diesel is a rather dirty fuel choice. Diesel is also reasonably costly and the cost can increase rapidly without notice. However, it is really useful and no doubt it is a reliable source of energy. It is always available after all. Yet this is for some, a less than ideal solution to the problem of getting enough energy to meet our specific needs.

The Battery Solution

Bringing the best of both worlds together is easier than you might think with a battery storage solution. A set-up of batteries like our EVE ESS batteries are a great way to get everything you are looking for off-grid. Firstly, you choose the way you want to recharge or load your batteries. If you want to load them mainly with solar then that is fine. However, you can top them up with the diesel generator if you wish. Unlike just using solar which is only available at certain times, loading the batteries means energy is available any time there is a need for it.

These days, living off-grid does not have to mean you worry about energy. Yes, it is a consideration in your decision making, but there is no need to avoid off-grid living. With EVE ESS storage batteries, the solution to off-grid energy is simple. Fill your batteries however and whenever suits and you are then free to use the power as and when suits you. With Eco Power Direct, you can find this freedom with our batteries and power sourcing solutions. We always recommend getting a professional to check your system before purchasing our batteries. Nothing can replace expert advice when making an investment in battery products.