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Solar Charging ESS Batteries: The Benefits

Solar charging ESS batteries is a choice. There are multiple ways of charging your batteries from grid to wind power and generator, depending on your individual circumstances. However, there are definitely some benefits to choosing solar. Here are the top 5 benefits we have found:

Free energy

Once you have the kit in place, solar energy is free energy. Everyone knows the sun shines for free and ESS batteries give you the chance to harness it your self. This can dramatically reduce energy bills in one fell swoop. If you have concerns about how rising energy costs, then this approach can be the way to do it.

Clean energy

People love solar because it is such a clean source of energy. Other than making the components like the solar panels themselves, there is nothing additional. Therefore, there is no dirty gas or oil to contend with. There are also no undesirable residues or pollutants. It is just taking in energy from the sun. This is a very eco-friendly way of working and is a positive lifestyle choice.

Storing energy

The great thing with ESS batteries is that they store energy so that you can use it anytime you want. Usually with solar energy it needs using straight away and that means at night it is not so useful. When you solar charge ESS batteries, it is saving the energy away for you to use whenever you like. This makes solar a lot more favourable for everyone.

Not just sunny energy

There is a misconception that you can only get solar energy when it is full sun in mid-summer. While this is obviously a very rich time to gain energy, if it is light, then there is potentially solar energy. Now there is much more energy when it is sunny, but so long as it is light and not very overcast, there will be some energy.

Easy set-up energy

Once you set-up the system to solar charge ESS batteries then there is really nothing more to do. With lead batteries you would need to vent them regularly, but with our EVE ESS batteries, they are lithium-ion, so there is nothing more to do. It is simply a case of setting it up and then letting it work for you.

These are our top 5 benefits and they do show how great solar is to use. Yet it is important to remember the limitations of exclusively solar charging ESS batteries. While you can get some solar most days, in the winter months it is unlikely to be enough to fill your batteries in the UK. However, you can use these hybrid and fuel them up from dual charging sources. This is a simple fix to get the best out of your solar and have the best of both worlds for your home.

Solar is a great system to invest in and needs very little maintenance. Make an eco-friendly decision to combine solar and ESS batteries with Eco Power Direct for the ultimate pairing.

Always seek professional advice before buying our batteries. No amount of personal research will replace an expert understanding of set-up to ensure it is right for your home.

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Can Energy Storage Help the World Energy Crisis?

From India to the UK, France to China there are energy issues across the world. Many countries are still reliant on dirty energy. From coal mines to crude oil, dirty energy is in regular use across the world. Many countries are investing in renewables, but this is not coming quickly enough. ESS batteries or energy storage batteries could be the perfect solution to these energy issues.

So, what is the Problem?

The biggest problem with solar panels and home wind turbines is that they do not always work. A day can be cloudy, a day can be still. On days like this if you are purely on renewables, you may not have any power, or only a small amount. Your freezer could literally defrost multiple times over a month due to this. If you are on the National Grid for your energy, sometimes coal fired power stations or gas are needed. Perhaps there is a World Cup match with England playing. Perhaps there is a cold snap, and everyone is staying home and cooking their dinner at the same time. At these times extra energy is in need to make sure the lights stay on. However, this is not eco-friendly.

What is a Potential Solution?

With energy storage batteries, as it says on the tin, they actually store energy. Like any battery, you can then use the energy at another time, in fact, whenever you like. With ESS batteries, you have enough batteries to power your home for 24 hours. You then use power such as solar or wind or even just grid, to fill these batteries. If you use renewables or mainly renewables, then this can end up very cost-effective for you once you have paid for the kit. Even if you just use the grid, you can charge overnight when energy is cheaper. Also this is far more likely to be cleaner or renewable energy as it is not in high demand at that time of day. Then you are free to use the power as and when suits you.

Top It Up Your Way

The other great thing about ESS batteries is that you choose the way in which you top them up. You might want solar or wind or one of those, and then to top up with grid. It is all your choice. Topping up your storage batteries is unique to you. It also might be different in different seasons and that is also OK. These batteries have the capacity to work in the way that you want them to. The great thing is that your power is centred around you. There is no risk of short blackouts with these; there is always energy for you if you get your set-up working right.

Energy reliability is part of a bigger world energy crisis happening at the moment. While energy supply can feel unstable, you have the power to change this. Lower your bills and increase the reliability of your energy supply with energy storage batteries like our EVE ESS batteries at Eco Power Direct. Power, right there for you, exactly when you need it.

Always seek professional advice when buying our batteries. Nothing replaces expert support when setting up a new energy storage system.

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Everything You Should Know About ESS Energy Storage Systems

For most people, energy storage systems or ESS are new. Many people have never even heard of it before. Yet for most, once they hear what it involves, it piques their interest. This is because energy storage systems have the potential to make a big difference to homes and businesses. The recent energy crisis has made waves in the lives of many ordinary people. Energy storage systems are a way to balance out those waves and become more in control of energy use.

What Is an Energy Storage System?

It is essentially large-scale battery storage. You buy these large batteries, charge them up (or load them) and then use the energy as you like. It means you can take advantage of energy at its cheapest such a solar and off-peak grid energy. The batteries then store it for you, and you use it when you want. You can run everything from the washing machine to the cooker and lights with this energy.

Selecting the Right System

The right system is the key to this process. Use inefficient batteries, such as lead ones, and you will find you do not have enough power. They only let you use around 50% of the power in the batteries each time. You might also find the system degrades very quickly. We have tried and tested many types and found lithium-ion to be the best. EVE ESS Storage Batteries are great value and allow you to use around 80% of power each time with very little degradation. You could find that they are long-lasting and reliable, offering the right system for you.

Sizing Up Your Needs

Sometimes people think that they need a set amount of power without checking. They can then end up with too little power to meet their needs. It is best to check (or get a professional to check) your bills to understand the total amount of power you need. You must ensure that your batteries will give you enough energy for 24 hours. This allows you to take advantage of off-peak energy as it might only be available at a set time, perhaps overnight. Calculate the number of batteries you need and then base your system on that. It is best not to just guess!

Big Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to this system. The first of course is saving you money on your energy costs. As you will likely draw from free renewables and/or off-peak energy, your daily costs will be lower. Therefore, you will see a financial benefit. Alongside this is the reassurance of having a more stable energy cost. Having more power over your own outgoings may be important to you in the current financial climate.

Energy storage systems can bring you big benefits. Once you know you have the right system for your needs and it is the right size, the power is in your hands. We always recommend taking up professional advice before you invest in an energy storage system. Personal research and recommendation cannot replace expert knowledge and compatibility with your own system.

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Can you get a reliable supply for off-grid energy?

Off-grid energy can be a massive headache for those not living in a traditional city centre or suburb. If you are living in an energy independent way then sometimes energy is not so simple. It is not a case of plugging in a plug and everything works. There is often a more complex system set-up behind the scenes. With rising costs, for the vast majority of those off-grid their non-renewable fuel supplies have similarly been rising. Typically, with off-grid power it is reliability that is the issue.


For off-grid energy, solar power is such an amazing option. You need to work out how many panels you need to power your space. It may be that this is not possible given the land area you have, but it is likely you can place some panels wherever you live off-grid. You then need to buy the kit which is pricey. However, once you have the kit in place it is completely free and the equipment is reasonably long lasting. Yet there can be an issue in cold and wet months. Solar then has limits and becomes highly unreliable. The same might be said for wind power and other renewables at this moment in time.

The Diesel Generator

A diesel-powered generator is a way some people use to fulfil their off-grid energy needs. They have a generator run on diesel, which needs to be running all the time. This is not the most eco friendly option as diesel is a rather dirty fuel choice. Diesel is also reasonably costly and the cost can increase rapidly without notice. However, it is really useful and no doubt it is a reliable source of energy. It is always available after all. Yet this is for some, a less than ideal solution to the problem of getting enough energy to meet our specific needs.

The Battery Solution

Bringing the best of both worlds together is easier than you might think with a battery storage solution. A set-up of batteries like our EVE ESS batteries are a great way to get everything you are looking for off-grid. Firstly, you choose the way you want to recharge or load your batteries. If you want to load them mainly with solar then that is fine. However, you can top them up with the diesel generator if you wish. Unlike just using solar which is only available at certain times, loading the batteries means energy is available any time there is a need for it.

These days, living off-grid does not have to mean you worry about energy. Yes, it is a consideration in your decision making, but there is no need to avoid off-grid living. With EVE ESS storage batteries, the solution to off-grid energy is simple. Fill your batteries however and whenever suits and you are then free to use the power as and when suits you. With Eco Power Direct, you can find this freedom with our batteries and power sourcing solutions. We always recommend getting a professional to check your system before purchasing our batteries. Nothing can replace expert advice when making an investment in battery products.

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Get a Reliable Power Supply to Reduce Stress in 2023

A reliable power supply seems to be a difficult thing to get these days. There are risks of power cuts alongside issues with reductions in available reliable power sources. Every business and home in the country are broken down into groups. Each one could have their supply cut for a set time, with very little notice. For many this is a worrying time as everyone is so reliant on energy. Some large businesses are trialling systems to inform staff they need to go home, as energy supply is about to be cut. At times, the overall system that is in place to serve us, no longer seems reliable. How is it possible to mitigate against these issues yourself? Is there anything you can do to keep your home or business running as normal?

Portable Power?

There are ways to approach these issues yourself as an individual business or homeowner. To fix this issue, you need to consider how to get yourself a reliable power supply. One such solution is portable power that you can use to boost your home supply. It needs to be one that is suitable for such use. Many of these look like our Power Pack 520 and are a single unit you use for power. However, these do come with disadvantages for home use. Firstly, you will need additional kit to be able to plug into your home system. In addition, these are not necessarily safe for use in the home as it very much depends on your system. This can be a costly mistake if you do not go about it the right way.

Battery Boost

Solar can be a great way to get additional power. However, it is not necessarily reliable each day or in all seasons. Some people use solar to part power our EVE ESS batteries. Others use load shifting to access regular energy from the grid when it is cheapest. They can then use this power anytime they want. If the National Grid cuts off power for three hours, this will not affect you. Large-scale storage batteries like ours are a truly reliable power supply. You calculate the number of batteries you require and once set-up with your system they just work. See our example of using them in a three-bedroom house. Unbelievably, batteries that can power a house really do give you a trustworthy source of long-term energy. We offer only very high-quality batteries, which are reliable and cleaner than lead-based options you can find.

Reliable Power Package

In 2023, we need a reliable power supply more than ever. After all, with smart appliances and more energy dependent devices in our home, it needs more power. So many things do not work without reliable power in our homes. This reliance is what might lead to us considering an alternative way to get it. Eco Power Direct’s EVE ESS batteries are a reliable way to do this. Charge with grid or part grid and part solar to make a high impact in your home. You can rely on this energy. It even works out cheaper over time due to coming from solar or off-peak sources. It is a win-win situation for homeowners. Do take professional advice before choosing our batteries. Ensure they are the right option for you, before you make the decision to buy them.

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Why Energy Storage is About to Boom in the UK?

Energy storage is a technique which is not new commercially but is reasonably new to home use. There are a small number of people who have done it domestically and are basically reaping the benefits. When you store home energy in large-scale ESS batteries, you get to decide what fills the batteries. You also get the opportunity to use it whenever you want. Here are some reasons why battery use is beginning to boom.

Cheaper energy

With energy storage batteries the choice is yours as to how you charge them. You can do this with a mix of solar energy and the grid. Equally, you can just use the grid with an energy supplier that charges less at certain times such as overnight. Load-shift at the most suitable time to get the best deal. You can then use the power anytime. Consumers love the long-term cheaper energy they get from ESS batteries. This makes planning for the future just that little bit easier when costs keep rising.


This is cleaner energy, especially when paired with solar or wind power used for charging. Even if charging solely from the grid, dirty fossil fuels are not so much in need at times when demand is low. As this is when you would recharge your batteries, you can be sure your energy is better for the environment. The batteries are also lithium-ion so do not use poisonous lead to charge. This is also better for the environment and is the eco power that works for you.

More reliable energy

For most people, reliability is really important for energy supplies. Going without power for three or four hours at a time, especially during the evening, is a challenge. You will not need to experience power cuts with energy storage batteries. These ESS batteries charge on your timescale. If power cuts come, then you can just charge up at a different time. Then use the power in your batteries anytime you like. When everyone else is sitting at home with the candles on, it will just be normal time at home for you.

Manages Itself

Once the system is set-up with the batteries and cables to recharge and use the energy, that is it. It does not require constant changes or tweaking. Some batteries with a lead base need venting regularly. There is nothing like this with ESS lithium-ion storage batteries. You configure them correctly and then they just work for you. No wonder this is beginning to boom – there are real benefits to it that people can easily see.

Energy storage is facing rapid growth. Be part of the expansion. It is not hype; this really is a superb solution to energy for the future. Once set-up you can mostly just let it work. There has been a boom in expansion and a drop in the prices of lithium-ion batteries which has come at just the right time. Get reliable, high quality ESS storage batteries from Eco Power Direct.

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Reducing Energy to Help the National Grid is Happening!

This week a new scheme for reducing energy will operate for the first time. Some energy customers will receive a payment to reduce their private electricity use, on necessary days. Monday was the first live implementation of the system, and this was just for a single hour from 5-6pm. An inconvenient time, it is when most households who work, will return home. Those that can afford to do so will heat their home and cook their dinner around this time. Therefore, it is a time when there is strain on the Grid, hence these plans to reduce the burden. The plans come directly from National Grid.

This kind of approach helps National Grid manage the system at a time when there is a cold snap. With temperatures around -2°C, it is no wonder there is concern about high electricity use. Indeed, there are other contingency plans as three coal-fired power stations are on alert in case of need. This is an undesirable way to get fuel these days as it is the most polluting type of power. The plan is for these three power stations in go into retirement, but later than the original plan, to cover this winter. Preparations will be made but hopefully they will not need to be in use.

With various issues affecting the country, there are concerns at times that the Grid cannot cope anymore. One of these issues is the war in Ukraine and Russia turning off Europe’s supply of gas. This was always the default standby before, but now it cannot be. No wonder that there have to be alternative arrangements in place for reducing energy. However, the National Grid also say that these are contingencies and that supply is not at risk. The expectation is that domestic homes and business will have the power they need. Perhaps though a million households waiting until later to charge their electric car or put on the washing machine or dishwasher, will have a positive impact.

This certainly is all a cause for concern. What if the situation gets more difficult? What if we repeatedly do not have enough power? Some commercial businesses already have steps in place to mitigate against this. Now homeowners are doing the same. ESS batteries are large-capacity cells that can be powered when energy is cheap and be used anytime. Eco Power Direct are a reliable and trustworthy supplier of EVE ESS batteries made from lithium-ion. They are fully rechargeable and can be used in parallel up to 15 batteries per string. This ensures you can get the amount of power you need for your space.

It might seem strange to think about powering your home with batteries, but they simply replace your regular power supply. Once they are set-up, our EVE ESS batteries need no venting or particular maintenance. Get the reassurance and peace of mind that comes from having the basics sorted. Find out more about our batteries and our case study. Always seek professional advice before buying our batteries to make sure they are right for you.

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The Truth About Poor Performing ESS Batteries

If you are considering large volume ESS batteries for home or business use, then you are aiming to bring stable energy at a reduced cost to your home. Thousands upon thousands of people have already set-up this system. Some of them have a great structure in place, ticking all their boxes whereas others are struggling with poor-performance, battery capacity loss and round-trip inefficiency. In short, they are regretting the day they switched to ESS batteries. Here are some of the potential reasons for this and how you can avoid it.

The Wrong Batteries

Some people invest heavily in a battery set-up. Yet they do not take the time to ensure these are the correct batteries for them. In some situations, people simply have the wrong batteries. This is one of the reasons why set-ups can be poor. There are lots of batteries on the market of different types. It is important to get the right ones for the set-up you have. We always suggest using a professional like HOWETEC to check your needs before you purchase. This way you know you are investing in the right kind of batteries.

Too Little Power

There are a huge range of large volume ESS batteries on the market yet there are many different types. Quite often buyers are looking to cut costs where possible. Perhaps, they decide not to get a professional to help them work out what their set-up needs. Therefore, they end up hoping that they can manage with one or two batteries when they actually need more. They simply do not have the power they need to cover the day. This set-up ends up being extremely inefficient and unworkable.

Poor Performing Batteries

There are a lot of poor performing ESS batteries out there. They look great on the surface of things, even big brands, but buyers do not realise they have issues. A large number of these batteries are lead-based and typically they can only discharge down to 50%. Due to this, people think they are getting a certain amount of potential power, but it is maybe half of what they expect. For other batteries they quickly degrade and also after two years give poor performance, which is not as expected. With Eco Power Direct’s EVE LiFePO4 ESS batteries, there is another way. Whether you need to replace poor performing batteries or you are thinking about large volume batteries for the first time, the advice is the same. Our lithium-ion batteries can discharge down to 20%, so they can go longer without charging. They offer long-lasting high performance. Do not forget to ask a professional to check your requirements before you buy. You must have the right number of batteries for your needs – you can link up to 15 of our batteries together in parallel. Additionally, we have an example of a real three-bedroom house you can check out too. Our batteries are effective, efficient and great quality. We encourage you to do your research to find the right option for you. If our batteries are right, we can assure you it is an excellent product.    

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Off-Grid Power: How to Make it Work for You

Going off-grid can be a liberating but also potentially stressful experience. Off-grid power is one of those bigger issues. Whether you live solo or you have a family or friends you live with, power is important. Here are some thoughts about powering your off-grid life to ensure you have enough power.

Look to the Sky

An obvious option for off-grid power is to use solar. This is of course a great free way to power your home once the kit is paid for and set-up. However, there are issues with this. Solar works well when the sun is shining and even when there is partial sun. Yet there is an issue with this as when it is dark it will not work or run anything. One solution is to have one or more large-capacity batteries like ours. When you fill up the battery during the day, the power that has been stored can then be used overnight. Yet this still leaves problems in the winter months when light is much reduced. This will not be enough to fulfil power needs during the day let alone have any saved capacity for the evening and overnight.

Generating Capacity

You can use a generator to power off-grid. These typically use petrol, diesel, propane or natural gas so are not as clean as solar. However, some do use solar or allow you to switch from one type of fuel to another. If you are off-grid and using a generator, then it must be running at the time you want to use energy. So basically, it needs to be running all the time even if you only require a small amount of energy. This can be quite inefficient as running a generator all the time can use up excess energy. This is because the generator does not just generate the exact amount of energy you need. Also, for some, this lack of efficiency goes against some of the principles of off-grid life. It makes you extremely dependent on external energy such as diesel where the prices can fluctuate greatly.

Hybrid Life

There is another way that generates enough power as well as being less reliant on external energy sources. This is being hybrid and getting the best of two systems. If you have one or more of our large-capacity storage batteries, this can take the strain. You use the generator when you need large amounts of power, but at the same time you charge the batteries. Then the batteries can cover small loads or amounts of power when you need them. The batteries will get low at some point and then the generator starts automatically to charge them up. This means the generator is on only as and when it is needed. This saves fuel, makes the system efficient and powers your off-grid system the way you want to.

A hybrid system is a great way to get your off-grid power working for you. With new technology comes positive change to make off-grid power stress-free. They also keep your home and space running when you need them most. Our batteries provide off-grid power without compromise. While personal research is important in choosing a product such as storage batteries, this should not replace professional advice. We always recommend getting some expert help to be sure our batteries are the correct product for your needs.

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Understanding Load-Shifting for Large-Scale Batteries

Are you looking at using large volume batteries for the first time? With the energy issues we are hearing about, this could be a great potential new option for your home. It is possible then that load shifting is a new concept to you. We will help you truly understand the basics. We additionally give you some ideas of where to go next with your own energy needs.

Load Shifting Made Easy

Load shifting basically means filling up your large volume batteries with energy, in a specific way. Yet it is important the way in which you approach this. If you fill your batteries when power is at peak price, you may as well run off mains electricity all the time. Load shifting is filling your batteries with energy at its cheapest. You can then use it when you need energy at any time of the day. The likelihood is that you will use it most when energy is at its most expensive during the afternoon and early evening.

How to Fill Your Batteries

You can fill your batteries using your mains electricity when the power is off-peak. You will need to choose a tariff that has a lower price at certain times of the day. This is usually late in the evening and overnight, basically when the majority of people do not need power. You can equally fill your batteries directly with solar power during the day. The number of panels you need will depend on your building and the position of the panels.

Is It Enough Power?

Your energy use will determine how much power you need. Our batteries can each store a set amount but depending on your needs you may need multiple batteries connected in parallel. However, the more you use, the more you will save with load shifting. It is a win, win situation and the savings will be continuous once you adopt load shifting, providing your overnight tariff is cheaper than daytime. Choose the right output for your needs and you will have enough energy whenever you need it.

Is Load Shifting New?

Storing power using our batteries is a little like the Economy 7 system. However, they were heavily penalised for energy use during the day which is not the same here. You use the batteries when you need them, it is the time you charge them that is key. Big businesses such as huge industrial and commercial sites have been using load shifting for some time. Energy optimisation is profitable which is why domestic and small commercial properties are now thinking about this for the first time.

How Do I Get Started?

You can view our products here, which are large capacity batteries for domestic or commercial use. Using these batteries are a practical way to bypass some of the energy worries businesses and households are experiencing at the moment. By load shifting it is possible to save significantly on energy bills by taking advance of cheaper energy. While personal research is important in choosing a product such as storage batteries, this should not replace professional advice. We always recommend getting some expert help to be sure our batteries are the correct product for your needs.

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Power outages in the UK: How to prepare

This winter and probably into the future, there are likely to be power outages across the UK and Europe. Issues including Russia’s war with Ukraine is causing problems that will be felt across the supply. Gas shortages and a cold winter are a poor combination. Together they can cause problems with the supply. Energy companies are saying there could be periods of up to 3 hours without power. It may not sound like much but in a cold, dark house it will not be much fun. They expect them to be in the evening too after a long day at work. How can you prepare to make things a little more comfortable?

Let the Light In

Have your torches somewhere easily accessible with spare batteries. There is nothing like trying to find a torch in the dark and then finding the batteries have run out! Make sure there is a torch for each person in the house for safety. Candles can also add a warming and atmospheric glow. Candlelight can make you feel warm even if it does not increase the temperature. Just be careful never to leave a candle unattended or in a room with children.

Keep Warm

There are lots of ways to keep warm. From wearing a jumper, to wrapping yourself in a blanket they make a good start. You could make a warm casserole and keep the lid tightly on until it is time for dinner. Also consider filling a flask with boiling water so you can enjoy some hot drinks during the power outage. Finally, check your doors for drafts and avoid chilly air getting in. The warmer you can keep, the less you will feel the effects of the cold.

Something to Do

Sitting looking at the four walls makes the time go so slowly. Make sure you have things to do during the power outage. Get a radio with batteries and dance along to a few tunes to warm you up. Board games are having a huge revival in the UK and there are plenty of fun and inexpensive games to try. Getting lost in a good book can also be fun for more than just beach holidays! Take a walk as the power goes out. When you get back, you’ll be ready for a sit down. All of these things pass the time more quickly.

Another Way

Power outages may well become a regular thing and there are ways to tackle them. What if your personal power never had to go out? Our batteries are large volume you can use in groups to run your whole home. You charge them when power is cheap or using solar energy. You use the energy when it is at peak price, therefore saving in the long term. Take a look at our revolutionary product here. While personal research is important in choosing a product such as storage batteries, this should not replace professional advice. We always recommend getting some expert help to be sure our batteries are the correct product for your needs.

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