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Why Energy Storage is About to Boom in the UK?

Energy storage is a technique which is not new commercially but is reasonably new to home use. There are a small number of people who have done it domestically and are basically reaping the benefits. When you store home energy in large-scale ESS batteries, you get to decide what fills the batteries. You also get the opportunity to use it whenever you want. Here are some reasons why battery use is beginning to boom.

Cheaper energy

With energy storage batteries the choice is yours as to how you charge them. You can do this with a mix of solar energy and the grid. Equally, you can just use the grid with an energy supplier that charges less at certain times such as overnight. Load-shift at the most suitable time to get the best deal. You can then use the power anytime. Consumers love the long-term cheaper energy they get from ESS batteries. This makes planning for the future just that little bit easier when costs keep rising.


This is cleaner energy, especially when paired with solar or wind power used for charging. Even if charging solely from the grid, dirty fossil fuels are not so much in need at times when demand is low. As this is when you would recharge your batteries, you can be sure your energy is better for the environment. The batteries are also lithium-ion so do not use poisonous lead to charge. This is also better for the environment and is the eco power that works for you.

More reliable energy

For most people, reliability is really important for energy supplies. Going without power for three or four hours at a time, especially during the evening, is a challenge. You will not need to experience power cuts with energy storage batteries. These ESS batteries charge on your timescale. If power cuts come, then you can just charge up at a different time. Then use the power in your batteries anytime you like. When everyone else is sitting at home with the candles on, it will just be normal time at home for you.

Manages Itself

Once the system is set-up with the batteries and cables to recharge and use the energy, that is it. It does not require constant changes or tweaking. Some batteries with a lead base need venting regularly. There is nothing like this with ESS lithium-ion storage batteries. You configure them correctly and then they just work for you. No wonder this is beginning to boom – there are real benefits to it that people can easily see.

Energy storage is facing rapid growth. Be part of the expansion. It is not hype; this really is a superb solution to energy for the future. Once set-up you can mostly just let it work. There has been a boom in expansion and a drop in the prices of lithium-ion batteries which has come at just the right time. Get reliable, high quality ESS storage batteries from Eco Power Direct.