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Reducing Energy to Help the National Grid is Happening!

This week a new scheme for reducing energy will operate for the first time. Some energy customers will receive a payment to reduce their private electricity use, on necessary days. Monday was the first live implementation of the system, and this was just for a single hour from 5-6pm. An inconvenient time, it is when most households who work, will return home. Those that can afford to do so will heat their home and cook their dinner around this time. Therefore, it is a time when there is strain on the Grid, hence these plans to reduce the burden. The plans come directly from National Grid.

This kind of approach helps National Grid manage the system at a time when there is a cold snap. With temperatures around -2°C, it is no wonder there is concern about high electricity use. Indeed, there are other contingency plans as three coal-fired power stations are on alert in case of need. This is an undesirable way to get fuel these days as it is the most polluting type of power. The plan is for these three power stations in go into retirement, but later than the original plan, to cover this winter. Preparations will be made but hopefully they will not need to be in use.

With various issues affecting the country, there are concerns at times that the Grid cannot cope anymore. One of these issues is the war in Ukraine and Russia turning off Europe’s supply of gas. This was always the default standby before, but now it cannot be. No wonder that there have to be alternative arrangements in place for reducing energy. However, the National Grid also say that these are contingencies and that supply is not at risk. The expectation is that domestic homes and business will have the power they need. Perhaps though a million households waiting until later to charge their electric car or put on the washing machine or dishwasher, will have a positive impact.

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