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Understanding Load-Shifting for Large-Scale Batteries

Are you looking at using large volume batteries for the first time? With the energy issues we are hearing about, this could be a great potential new option for your home. It is possible then that load shifting is a new concept to you. We will help you truly understand the basics. We additionally give you some ideas of where to go next with your own energy needs.

Load Shifting Made Easy

Load shifting basically means filling up your large volume batteries with energy, in a specific way. Yet it is important the way in which you approach this. If you fill your batteries when power is at peak price, you may as well run off mains electricity all the time. Load shifting is filling your batteries with energy at its cheapest. You can then use it when you need energy at any time of the day. The likelihood is that you will use it most when energy is at its most expensive during the afternoon and early evening.

How to Fill Your Batteries

You can fill your batteries using your mains electricity when the power is off-peak. You will need to choose a tariff that has a lower price at certain times of the day. This is usually late in the evening and overnight, basically when the majority of people do not need power. You can equally fill your batteries directly with solar power during the day. The number of panels you need will depend on your building and the position of the panels.

Is It Enough Power?

Your energy use will determine how much power you need. Our batteries can each store a set amount but depending on your needs you may need multiple batteries connected in parallel. However, the more you use, the more you will save with load shifting. It is a win, win situation and the savings will be continuous once you adopt load shifting, providing your overnight tariff is cheaper than daytime. Choose the right output for your needs and you will have enough energy whenever you need it.

Is Load Shifting New?

Storing power using our batteries is a little like the Economy 7 system. However, they were heavily penalised for energy use during the day which is not the same here. You use the batteries when you need them, it is the time you charge them that is key. Big businesses such as huge industrial and commercial sites have been using load shifting for some time. Energy optimisation is profitable which is why domestic and small commercial properties are now thinking about this for the first time.

How Do I Get Started?

You can view our products here, which are large capacity batteries for domestic or commercial use. Using these batteries are a practical way to bypass some of the energy worries businesses and households are experiencing at the moment. By load shifting it is possible to save significantly on energy bills by taking advance of cheaper energy. While personal research is important in choosing a product such as storage batteries, this should not replace professional advice. We always recommend getting some expert help to be sure our batteries are the correct product for your needs.