10Mtr 6.0mm2 Solar Panel Extension Cable (MC4)

£41.00VAT Included


When getting a new solar set-up, it is vital that you have all the parts you need before you begin. However, there is nothing more frustrating than having a piece missing and not even being sure if it works. So, this single core solar panel extension cable 6.0mm2 cross section has a special design for solar panels. It is an essential piece of kit to get the most out of your solar set-up. This is capable of carrying a high level of current and with negligible power loss. Maximise your solar input with this quality cable option. In addition, it comes with waterproof MC4 connectors, which has “male” on one end and “female” on the other. It is easy to connect to similar MC4-type connectors that come with most solar panels. However, this is an upgrade that will improve your arrangement thanks to its range of features.

This solar panel extension cable is suitable for all weather conditions. This includes both extremes of cold and hot temperatures, so no need to worry about regular replacement.

This can be cut in half to give two MC4 tails if that best suits your needs.

  • Conductor: tinned copper
  • Cross section: 6.0mm
  • Insulation and Jacket: 120C XLPE
  • Working temperature range: -40C to +120C
  • Certification: TUV

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