Solar Assistant Software Download & Licence

£59.99VAT Included

Perpetual licence – One time fee.

Modern, real-time solar monitoring and control from a Raspberry / Orange Pi !

This is the ideal way for hobbyists to gain excellent monitoring and control of their power electronics for a really good price, there are options to buy the pre installed raspberry Pi 3 or Orange Pi LTS if you don’t feel confident creating your own.

Get the most out of your solar investment with our sleek, modern, robust and powerful platform.

No need for expensive sub-optimal monitoring devices. Take advantage of the most powerful, low cost and globally available device on the planet: the Raspberry Pi.

Order and you will get a link to download the Solar Assistant software and an licence key by email (usually within 2 hours).

This will need installing on a suitable raspberry Pi or Orange Pi LTS (please download the correct software for the device you are using), this is an ideal way to gain a really full functioning monitoring system if you are happy to build your own system.

If you are not wanting to build your own you can purchase a fully functioning unit with licence from here for the more powerful Orange Pi -LTS, Or here for the Raspberry Pi 3

After Purchase you will get an email with the relevant licence info.


Real-time analytics via Web, Android and iPhone

Metrics are live up to 2 seconds. SolarAssistant is a standalone system that can be used without the internet. However when you are away from home all features are available remotely via the internet.

Remotely adjust inverter settings

A must-have for solar installers to avoid costly site visits and improve after sale customer support.

Role based, multi-site access via a single login

Invite unlimited users to your sites to provide view only or administrator access. A single login is used to access all sites the user authorized to view.

Open Data with Home Assistant integration

Integration and automatic discovery for Home Assistant. Integrate your own custom projects via MQTT.

Connects to most of our off grid inverters and EVE batteries

Connect and start logging your power consumptions.

Use automation to benefit from off peak electricity

There are many ways to use the automation in Solar Assistant, one is to charge off peak which is made simple with Solar Assistant !

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