Our Choice of Supplier, the EVE Brand

We choose to supply the EVE brand of batteries as they offer exactly what we feel our customers need. That is a reliable and trustworthy product which is also long-lasting and offers value for money. The EVE brand is synonymous with exceptional products and innovative design. They are a global brand with expertise in producing lithium-ion batteries. They began in 2001 and rapidly developed into the company we know today. Their manufacturing base covers over 2.8 million square metres, and they are a true market leader. They are not the cheapest, but to us they are the best available.

EVE offer a wide range of cells and batteries of different types for different projects. We may not be so familiar with their brand name in the UK, but their products are in general use. They have smaller items like mobile phone batteries, and larger ones like our EVE ESS batteries that help to power homes and businesses. The EVE brand offers so much. Looking inside one of the batteries we offer, it is easy to see the quality. From professional soldering to uniformity across individual products, you can be sure you are getting a great item.

We are happy to fully recommend the EVE brand to our customers. Their integrity and innovation have been paving the way forward in battery technology over the last 22 years.

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