Power Star Low Frequency Inverter Remote Switch

£19.99VAT Included

This is a remote switch for the LW Power Star range of low frequency inverters, with 5m of extension cable. It is suitable for all 12V, 24V and 48V models of low frequency inverters (LW Series only) to allow monitoring and remote switching of the inverter.

The Remote has three settings:

  • Power saver auto: This turns the inverter on but when there is no load, automatically switches to sleep mode to save energy
  • Power saver off: This runs the inverter at full power at all times, regardless of loads attached
  • Unit off: This switches the inverter off.


The three indicator lights signal battery charging status, inverter power status and alarm status.

This is an ideal solution if there is no space in your inverter compartment or it is inaccessible. In such case, remove the 4 screws from the existing switch on the low frequency inverter, take the switch out and disconnect the short cable. Plug in the 5m cable from the new switch, position it in a convenient place and use the 4 screws.

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