Batium 7.24, 6V & 12 & 24 Volt Battery Charger 7 Amp

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Keep the GYS Batium 7.24 battery charger close for its superb power and charging abilities. It charges batteries over three voltages and works with all lead-based vehicle batteries. So, it can charge bikes and cars as well as dumper trucks and tractors for a range of uses. You can attach this to your battery without disconnecting it and leave it to charge without needing to supervise. It will also charge 50% quicker than regular chargers. Its specifications show it is a versatile and clever piece of kit, the GYS Batium 7.24 battery charger features a micro-processor to analyse the battery’s state and charge to its specific needs. This is a powerful charger than can be kept in the boot of your vehicle or in a garage. Therefore, its compact size makes it the perfect tool. With connectors attached it is quick and easy to use wherever you are.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions 340 × 210 × 130 cm
  • Charges 6V, 12V and 24 V batteries from 15Ah > 130Ah
  • Automatic charge without supervision
  • Ensures 100% charge of all lead-acid batteries (car and bike)
  • Can charge GEL / AGM /VRLA / LIQUID batteries
  • Microprocessor controlled charge
  • SOS recovery mode for sulphated batteries
  • 2 charge currents 3A / 7A
  • CE and UKCA certification
  • Handy internal cable storage
  • IwUoU Charge curve
  • Weight 5.7kg

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