Batium 15.24, 6V 12V & 24 Volt Battery Charger 15 Amp

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The GYS Batium 15.24 battery charger is a heavy-duty charger with plenty of elements to recommend it. This is ultra-safe charging that is autonomous and can be left without waiting. It is also ultra-fast and reduces charging time by 50% compared to a traditional charger. Additionally, it charges right up to 100% which many lead battery chargers simply cannot achieve. Its specifications have to be seen to be believed. Under the control of a microprocessor, this charger monitors the battery to ensure it is charging in the optimum way. It is the GYS Batium 15.24 battery charger that you want in your vehicle. It can charge from as low as 1 V up to 24 V, so is suitable for a wide range of vehicles. As well as for bikes or cars, if you have a digger, a lorry or a tractor, it is a useful piece of kit. Use it wherever you like for full reliability.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 130 cm
  • Charges 6V 12V & 24V batteries from 35Ah > 225Ah
  • Automatic charge without supervision
  • Ensures 100% charge of all lead-acid batteries ( for cars and bikes)
  • Can charge GEL / AGM /VRLA / LIQUID batteries
  • Microprocessor controlled charge
  • SOS recovery mode for sulphated batteries
  • 3 charge currents 7A / 10A / 15A
  • CE and UKCA certification
  • Handy internal cable storage
  • IwUoU charge curve
  • Weight 8.5kg

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