Startronic Hybrid 950 Supporting Vehicles with 12V Batteries

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Startronic Hybrid Specification Sheet


The design for this one is for vehicles equipped with 12V batteries. You can use the STARTRONIC HYBRID 950 as an ultra-powerful autonomous starter. It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can charge the supercapacitors. It guarantees both high power and also fast start-up. This can come from the residual voltage of the vehicle’s battery, or the lithium-ion battery as needed. You can recharge the capacitors 5 times without charging the unit, which is useful. This innovative hybrid design gives speed of use and ensures a booster that is always operational.

Its internal power makes sure that it can start up any diesel or petrol car that has a 12V battery. It features two different modes; bypass mode starts a vehicle with a low battery. Glow mode starts a diesel engine when the weather is particularly cold. If you have ever been stuck away from home, you can see this little gadget will be brilliant. It can also work as a power supply if you are stuck and need to charge your phone or tablet. Its multifunctional use will make it a must-have for your car or other vehicle. A great product that gives support when it is needed most. Make it a staple of your boot kit.

  • Guarantees high power and fast start-up with residual vehicle battery power
  • Can recharge super-capacitors up to 5 times
  • Easy use – just connect it to charge automatically
  • Digital display with helpful information including charge level
  • Use as an external power supply for high-tech products

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